fa ra ra ra ra

christmas update! this is what i've done so far:
went to an ugly sweater party with my beautiful roommates!
 was unsure of what to do with my hands! (whoever names this movie gets a high five)

met up with my beautiful friend lauren at another ugly sweater party.

 danced my face off!

spooned with my bestie at denny's.

 wished i was in arizona!

 got bunny-eared while drinking water from a mason jar.

fell in love with my beautiful friend megan's handsome little boy.

next on the agenda? snow caving with the men in the family. ask me how excited i am! (if you asked, i'm way too excited.)


it begins in the ashes, the smoking, festering remnants of what was once good. 
tainted with the loss of the thing, once so glorious, now
crumbling and decaying and dying.
the faults, so obviously displayed, beckon; a haven to the regretful, repining soul.
a phoenix rises from the ashes,
the good
spirals into the charred, smoky air,
spreads its hopeful wings.
awakens the dreary and dead landscape from whence it rose.
it reigns for a time. all is not lost, all can be well again!

a relapse.
the elegant bird bursts into flame and slowly, gently, settles.
it begins again, in the ashes. 


merry fishmas!

who remembers the episode of the simpsons when mr. burns throws fish at the christmas parade and says "merry fishmas!"? classic. (apparently i only blog about tv shows nowadays? that will change once my life gets a little more interesting, i promise!)

merry christmas everybody :)

i love celebrating the Savior's birth and reflecting on His life and the sacrifices He made for us. I love that everybody is so happy and filled with the love and light of Christ at this time of year! this year i have developed such a great respect for Mary and her fortitude and strength, i'm so very grateful for her! i find that the older i get, the less i care about presents. as i mature, i'm learning that christmas isn't about the material things, it's about family and love and the Savior and hymns and the Spirit and charity. it's the best time of the year.

i hope your christmas was filled with love and family and happiness :)

on a less serious note, enjoy this! nobody does christmas like lady gaga.


home sweet home

how much do i love these people? thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!

i'm happy to be home :)


hey brother

today i heard someone knocking on the door. initially, i was scared (i thought is was the scary garneau man coming to get me.) but then i spied on him and saw it was only the mailman. with a package! oh joy of joys! i've been expecting a package from a certain missionary who is really bad at corresponding. so i threw open the door just as he was walking away. turns out the package was for one of our basement roommates and this is how i felt about it.

have any of you seen arrested development? its probably theeee funniest show besides 30 rock, the office, and modern family. don't believe me? watch it, i dare you.

my favorite moments of all time? the chicken dance (i think about it in class sometimes then start laughing)


the final countdown

this is it people. the last week before christmas break. am i excited? yes. i pretty much can't even handle it, even though you wouldn't be able to tell due to my lack of exclamation marks. i just don't like to use them because pretty much everything i say in real life is exclaimed so every post i would write would be full of exclaimed statements. and that would be weird! (there's one.)

anyways. school is driving me up the wall. i really enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but i'm getting cabin fever from sitting in that classroom all day everyday..i think i caught restless leg syndrome because i just want to get up and move and be anywhere but in the classroom/studying. like right now..i'm doing a pretty frickin' good job at avoiding studying for my test on wednesday and final on friday. what can i say, i'm good at what i do.

on another note, anybody have good music for me? i have a 6 hour drive home (hurrah for going home!) on friday and could use some decent tunes. lemme hear what you got.

 ps-check out this lovely lady's blog. so modest and fashiony!



nfw: new favorite website.

seriously, check it out, you wont regret it!

(this is my most favorite idea. ever.)


part two, as promised

remember this? welcome to part two.

14. i once used toothpaste as hand lotion..although there were exfoliating properties, it is not recommended.

15. i always push the chair under the table when i am done with it. in fact, i push other people's chairs under the table when they're done.

16. my hands and toes are always, always cold.

17. i have never heard the phrase "shot my wad" before alaya said it. and then i heard it on arrested development so i guess other people do know/use that phrase. you win, you always do.

18. i almost always turn on the tap when going to the bathroom.

19. i never flush the toilet with my hand, i always use my foot.

20. i'm terrible at comforting people..its much easier for me to give advice.

21. i love love LOVE when people write little captions underneath pictures on facebook.

22. i get words stuck in my head. most often, they're terms from my anat and phys class..right now its "cauda equina". (the tethered portion at the bottom of the spinal cord, just in cause you were wondering)

23. i have serious issues with eating/drinking noises..i cant stand them. even (read:especially) if they're my own.

24. i have my alberta student number memorized. nerd? maybe

25. it's hard for me to be spontaneous. like reaaaallly difficult.

26. i can't whistle. believe you me, i've tried.

27. i have this thing where i throw away everyone's garbage at lunchtime. free of charge.



a couple weekends ago i watched a high school friend's basketball game. it had been a while since we'd last seen each other, about a year or so. we got to talking afterward and she said something that surprised me. it went something like this:

"b-dog, you sound different. like more mature or something."

it shocked me to hear this. i felt like the same old becky, just with longer hair and more makeup than i wore in high school. the more i pondered this though, i realized how i had changed and grown and matured over the last year and a halfish.

i've learned:
  1. to ask for help: you're not a failure if you do.
  2. to manage my money smarter. too bad i didn't learn that one earlier.
  3. not to speed anymore. because speeding tickets are dumb and cost you demerits.
  4. that no matter how much my heart wants something, my head knows it's wrong. (i'm really really glad i learned this one)

isn't it funny how you can feel so secure and so sure of yourself, like you know everything there is to know about life, for a time, and when you look back a year later you realize how young and foolish and naive you were? and just how lucky you were to make it through that portion of your life, based on the decisions you were making? the scary thing is, this isnt a 'once in a lifetime' epiphany. its a recurring event. right now, i feel like i've learned a lot about life and myself and driving and money and school and dentistry and boys, but i know that in the next, say, 6 months, life's going to be full of turbulence and thick cloud coverage and ice forming on my (hypothetical) wings, so much so that i lose control and this delicate little balance i'm maintaining will spiral and careen off course into a terrifying, disorienting nosedive. but as i pick myself up from the ashes and dust myself off, just as i have done countless times before, i'll learn from it. i'll learn what i was doing wrong and why i was doing it wrong. i will grow and mature and become wise once again and will eventually look back at that phase in my life and laugh, saying "my, what a foolish and silly and unwise girl i once was!"

all these epiphanies better make me into a freaking fabulous woman, cause they sure are not fun.


loco for choco-puffs

if i could be anybody else in this world, it would be shakira. seriously, check her out.

(also the title is a reference to a 30 rock episode just in case y'all were wonderin)

summer lovin'

i could go for a little bit of this right now.


how bout you?


what's on your mind?

becky sparks is now in a relationship with homework and believe me, it's complicated.

becky sparks was told by the guy at the gym that her name was cute. i think he was flirting.

becky sparks has now made a goal to go to the gym at least three times a week.

 becky sparks has not shaved through the whole month of november. and october for that matter.

becky sparks is reaaaaally happy that i dont have an exam until monday.

becky sparks is a champion thrifter nowadays.

becky sparks would kind of like for it to be christmas holidays already.

becky sparks needs a social life or ysa dance or something.

becky sparks hasnt been on facebook for four days..and its starting to get to me.


i would.

i was inspired by this post. best inspiration i've received all day! lets begin:

cam gigandet is my latest obsession. he is PERFECTION. never underestimate the power of a tanned, blonde, blue eyed man.

seriously cam? seriously.

zac efron, of course! i find he's more attractive in movies than in pictures, although this picture is kind of proving me wrong 

 alex freaking pettyfer. he is peeta mellark in my mind. he is also fabulous without a shirt.

jonathan rhys meyers. i dont think an explanation is necessary.

 jake gyllenhall, especially when he looks like this.

once again..congrats ed, you've made it onto my blog twice.
ashton. you were freaking sexy in the killers. or whatever that lamesauce movie was called. point is, you didnt have a shirt on like the whole time..and it was good.

a few more, just in case you werent convinced.

this was fun..lets do this again sometime! deal? deeeal.


i wish..

..that i had never discovered arrested development/30 rock cause if i hadnt, i would actually get some studying done.

..that i was more into football, cause all the grey-cup celebrations look way fun. they have a zip line set up downtown! a zip line!

..that i hadnt slept through preference last night, i had fully intended to go. i fell asleep at 6:30 (last night) and woke up at 3:00 (this morning) really really confused..then fell back asleep until 9:30. yeah, i guess you could say i party pretty hard.

..that i had a remote car starter.

..that it was christmas break! woo! 

..that i had a camera when i ran into the entire saskatchewan roughriders team on my way home from school. blast.

..that i could document all the weird people who use the transit system. i was sitting in the bus stop the other day when this asian lady puts a grocery bag on the seat next to me. i sneak a peek in the bag only to find it full of cut up bits of chicken, complete with bones and gross prickly skin. it was actually kind of hilarious.

..that i was done with the studying portion of school and that i could just be in clinical.

..that jon had taught me how to butterfly a chicken breast before he left on the mission. that would have been helpful.

..that i had more time (read: motivation) to go to the gym regularly. grew on trees.

..that i had a boy to rub my feet and take me on this fabulous date that me and my roomie emily have planned. its pretty much a two day affair. 

..that i went black friday shopping :(

..that i could wear real clothes more often..believe it or not, im sick of wearing scrubs all the time!

..that i had more interesting things to say?


no title really.

 room pictures? i think so!

 sleeping area (i prefer the lived-in look, it's more authentic)

 my improv closet 

the cute mirror that i jacked from my mom's room! and strategic camera placement.

 shoes and scrubs and marilyn and garbage

my wall hangings.

andy warhol quote and my man james dean.
ps-yeah, its possible.

oh haaaiii.

might as well suggest some good songs while i'm at it!
  1. i wouldn't mind- he is we
  2. jacksonville-brandon flowers
  3. little L-jamiroquai
  4. the writer-ellie goulding
  5. the boy with the arab strap- belle and sebastian
  6. we no speak americano- yolanda be cool
  7. re:stacks- bon iver
  8. woods- bon iver
  9. blood bank - bon iver (my fave song right now!)
  10. whip my hair- willow smith (hahaha)
  11. the ghost inside- broken bells
  12. say you dont want it- one night only
  13. enchanted- taylor swift

(hopefully later this week i'll post something of substance..)

ps-it was my first week of school! it went great! except for when i waited an hour and a half for the bus..on two different occasions..not cool.

pps-i think i've posted this before..seriously. so mad she's a girl. haha.

ppps-watch this and cry. peeta is perfection.



what's that you say? youre wondering how i spent my day today? oh. i'll tell ya.

i woke up.



cleaned my dishes.

wiped the counters.

pretty much did everything that isn't studying.

sat in my room.




painted my toenails!

sat in my room.


sat some more.



read a magazine.

cleaned my room.

did my hair.

did my makeup.

now im going to bed.

obviously im a really motivated person.

ps when i grow up i want to be a famous/fashionionable/hilarious blogger. hello, coolest job ever! check em out.


wedding pictures in a lilac field? yes please. everyone should check these pics out and drool. cause that's exactly what i did, all over my new edmonton floor.



open mouth, insert foot

remember when we were little, when a boy liked you, he teased you and pulled your hair?
and when you liked a boy, you were giggly and shy and tried to make them kiss you?

apparently, i gravitate towards the abusive approach. instead of physical blows, i prefer verbal abuse. offensive slanders, mocking phrases..i really am such a flirt.

this all comes pretty natural to me, i guess. i mean its not a conscious decision to belittle and demean the opposite sex. it just happens.

im prettttty sure all the boys are going to be bangin' on my door once i hit edmonton. boys like that kind of stuff right? girls that burst their confidence bubbles and forever offend?


(note: sarcasm intended.)


if edward looked like this, i might actually jump ship from team jacob.

good thing he doesnt.


packa packa packa

has anybody seen that episode of the simpsons with the tap dancing lady? she's teaching them to dance and she says "tappa tappa tappa" all the time. my family found that hilarious so we say it all the time. hence, blog title.

anywho, just packin up for my big move to edmonton. i depart friday morning :) im excited and nervous because:

  • i have lots of friends here. im kind of sad to pack up and leave because this year has lots of potential to be really, really fun.
  • school is gonna be frickin sweet! im excited to learn new things and be able to piece things together and figure out how all these dental procedures work.
  • im going to be one poor little girl..i've never lived on  a budget before but i'm kind of excited to. as perverse as that sounds, im excited because its a challenge. and i like challenges.
  • i get to meet new people and new boys and expand my social circle :) i can hardly wait. im excited to be the new girl and (hopefully) get lots of attention from people (read: boys).
  • i get a fresh start.
  • i get to decorate a new room
also check out this awesomespice earring display thing i made! (awesomespice? what the cuss is that? find out here.)


boo (not halloween inspired)

i love when people laugh unnecessarily loud in movie theaters.

the movie "red" is not worth your time..sorry to offend.

my grandma took me out for lunch today. we took pictures with our waiter. sweeeet.

cold weather reminds me of basketball season. basketball=good, therefore, cold=good. right?

i am moving to edmonton in t minus eight days.

check out this giveaway..i like winning.

i am in love with a man (who shall remain nameless) who will probably never love me back.

the girl gave me five extra tanning minutes today.

volleyball is fun.

i bought a james dean poster today. i like him.

i love love.

halloween is this weekend! woop woop!

i like andy warhol.

i need an extra set of single sheets..anybody have some?

i want to punch sexist people in the face.

my friend megan has a cute baby.

i like fashion.

i bought some reaaally cute things at VV favorite store.

im excited to be out of my house. i love my family, but i want to throttle them. time to move out? yes.

all of a sudden everybody is in a relationship?

tonight was disappointing.

people suck.

things could be worse?

im so frustrated.



    “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” -Winnie the Pooh

    i just read this quote and my heart melted :) too bad i dont have anyone to feel this way about! boo. 

    (winnie was a selfish little bugger wasnt he? he didnt even consider what it would be like for the other person living a day without him. assuming that the addressee reciprocates said bear's feelings. oh pooh, so simple minded you are.) 

    also i need a pair of over the knee socks. like now. they are to die for. and a pencil skirt of some sort. check out this blog..i would kill for her wardrobe.

    9 types

    this is a cool little test and pretty much described me to a tee..i'm a number 7. (i especially appreciated the last point in the 'how to get along with me' section.)

    what type are YOU?


    howl- florence and the machine

    If you could only see the beast you've made of me
    I held it in but now it seems you've set it running free
    Screaming in the dark, I howl when we're apart
    Drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart

    My fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in
    You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl
    My fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in
    You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl

    Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack
    My blood is singing with your voice, I want to pour it out
    The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound
    I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow'ed ground

    Like some child possessed, the beast howls in my veins
    I want to find you, tear out all of your tenderness

    And howl

    Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers
    Starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters

    The fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress
    Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest
    The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound
    I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow'ed ground

    And howl

    Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers
    Starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters

    A man who's pure of heart and says his prayers by night
    May still become a wolf when the autumn moon is bright

    If you could only see the beast you've made of me
    I held it in but now it seems you've set it running free
    The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound
    I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow'ed ground

    (ummm how amazing are these lyrics?)


    brad paisley.

    kanye west was really great. oh wait, thats darius rucker. my bad.


    youre right, brad paisley wins for sexiest man alive

    came with these guys..

    but probably should have left with that guy. i like your sleeves.