can you say obsessed? because that's what i am with this song.



ever notice how boys come in waves? 
your love life will be stagnant for months and months when, suddenly, the boys will be lining up at your door by the dozens.
i'm on the top of the wave lately and i'm definitely not complaining :)



i got my first tag! whoop! (not a hunting tag you nerds..a blogging tag. haha. good one.)
but seriously.
juhee, my most favorite asian, tagged me in a little game that's been making its way around the blogosphere.
i guess it's kind of like i'm an official blogger now. so thanks aish :)

(just a few words about juice: she's the most beautiful asian i've ever met, inside and out. she has awesome taste in music and her mom makes theeeee best korean food. she can read me like a book (bus ride to bball provs haha?) and it just so happens that we're born on the same day. we're ginasians and proud of it, even when we have bloatation days..and we saw twilight together on opening night. not a big deal. love you long time.)

1. List three things that you love about yourself.
2. Post a picture that you love.
3. List five bloggers to whom you are passing this along.

1. i love how i'm good at meeting people. i love being social and putting myself in situations where i don't know anyone just so i can meet new people..i just love networking and expanding my social circle. i'm pretty outgoing and approachable and independent. so yeah. i like that about myself and i have a lot of other great qualities as well. (marcel?) 

2. i love that people tell me that i look like blake lively haha. seriously. best compliment ever. i also love that i have a healthy, strong body that allows me to do (almost) anything that i want to. lately i've realized what a blessing it is to be healthy and happy with who i am. i love that i love being active and eating healthy! i couldn't live like a couch potato and i'm very grateful for that.

3. i love that i am like my parents. i'm so lucky to have been raised by such incredible people. everyday i find things about myself that remind me of them, and i'm so happy that i've turned out like them.

i was here.
love life; it will surely love you back
i love my rainboots


scandalous music video but
such an awesome song.
thanks to my buddy lauren!

lesson of the day: don't think you know what a person is all about because, ninety five percent of the time, you're completely wrong.

lesson learned.