i wish..

..that i had never discovered arrested development/30 rock cause if i hadnt, i would actually get some studying done.

..that i was more into football, cause all the grey-cup celebrations look way fun. they have a zip line set up downtown! a zip line!

..that i hadnt slept through preference last night, i had fully intended to go. i fell asleep at 6:30 (last night) and woke up at 3:00 (this morning) really really confused..then fell back asleep until 9:30. yeah, i guess you could say i party pretty hard.

..that i had a remote car starter.

..that it was christmas break! woo! 

..that i had a camera when i ran into the entire saskatchewan roughriders team on my way home from school. blast.

..that i could document all the weird people who use the transit system. i was sitting in the bus stop the other day when this asian lady puts a grocery bag on the seat next to me. i sneak a peek in the bag only to find it full of cut up bits of chicken, complete with bones and gross prickly skin. it was actually kind of hilarious.

..that i was done with the studying portion of school and that i could just be in clinical.

..that jon had taught me how to butterfly a chicken breast before he left on the mission. that would have been helpful.

..that i had more time (read: motivation) to go to the gym regularly. grew on trees.

..that i had a boy to rub my feet and take me on this fabulous date that me and my roomie emily have planned. its pretty much a two day affair. 

..that i went black friday shopping :(

..that i could wear real clothes more often..believe it or not, im sick of wearing scrubs all the time!

..that i had more interesting things to say?


no title really.

 room pictures? i think so!

 sleeping area (i prefer the lived-in look, it's more authentic)

 my improv closet 

the cute mirror that i jacked from my mom's room! and strategic camera placement.

 shoes and scrubs and marilyn and garbage

my wall hangings.

andy warhol quote and my man james dean.
ps-yeah, its possible.

oh haaaiii.

might as well suggest some good songs while i'm at it!
  1. i wouldn't mind- he is we
  2. jacksonville-brandon flowers
  3. little L-jamiroquai
  4. the writer-ellie goulding
  5. the boy with the arab strap- belle and sebastian
  6. we no speak americano- yolanda be cool
  7. re:stacks- bon iver
  8. woods- bon iver
  9. blood bank - bon iver (my fave song right now!)
  10. whip my hair- willow smith (hahaha)
  11. the ghost inside- broken bells
  12. say you dont want it- one night only
  13. enchanted- taylor swift

(hopefully later this week i'll post something of substance..)

ps-it was my first week of school! it went great! except for when i waited an hour and a half for the bus..on two different occasions..not cool.

pps-i think i've posted this before..seriously. so mad she's a girl. haha.

ppps-watch this and cry. peeta is perfection.



what's that you say? youre wondering how i spent my day today? oh. i'll tell ya.

i woke up.



cleaned my dishes.

wiped the counters.

pretty much did everything that isn't studying.

sat in my room.




painted my toenails!

sat in my room.


sat some more.



read a magazine.

cleaned my room.

did my hair.

did my makeup.

now im going to bed.

obviously im a really motivated person.

ps when i grow up i want to be a famous/fashionionable/hilarious blogger. hello, coolest job ever! check em out.


wedding pictures in a lilac field? yes please. everyone should check these pics out and drool. cause that's exactly what i did, all over my new edmonton floor.



open mouth, insert foot

remember when we were little, when a boy liked you, he teased you and pulled your hair?
and when you liked a boy, you were giggly and shy and tried to make them kiss you?

apparently, i gravitate towards the abusive approach. instead of physical blows, i prefer verbal abuse. offensive slanders, mocking phrases..i really am such a flirt.

this all comes pretty natural to me, i guess. i mean its not a conscious decision to belittle and demean the opposite sex. it just happens.

im prettttty sure all the boys are going to be bangin' on my door once i hit edmonton. boys like that kind of stuff right? girls that burst their confidence bubbles and forever offend?


(note: sarcasm intended.)


if edward looked like this, i might actually jump ship from team jacob.

good thing he doesnt.


packa packa packa

has anybody seen that episode of the simpsons with the tap dancing lady? she's teaching them to dance and she says "tappa tappa tappa" all the time. my family found that hilarious so we say it all the time. hence, blog title.

anywho, just packin up for my big move to edmonton. i depart friday morning :) im excited and nervous because:

  • i have lots of friends here. im kind of sad to pack up and leave because this year has lots of potential to be really, really fun.
  • school is gonna be frickin sweet! im excited to learn new things and be able to piece things together and figure out how all these dental procedures work.
  • im going to be one poor little girl..i've never lived on  a budget before but i'm kind of excited to. as perverse as that sounds, im excited because its a challenge. and i like challenges.
  • i get to meet new people and new boys and expand my social circle :) i can hardly wait. im excited to be the new girl and (hopefully) get lots of attention from people (read: boys).
  • i get a fresh start.
  • i get to decorate a new room
also check out this awesomespice earring display thing i made! (awesomespice? what the cuss is that? find out here.)