part two, as promised

remember this? welcome to part two.

14. i once used toothpaste as hand lotion..although there were exfoliating properties, it is not recommended.

15. i always push the chair under the table when i am done with it. in fact, i push other people's chairs under the table when they're done.

16. my hands and toes are always, always cold.

17. i have never heard the phrase "shot my wad" before alaya said it. and then i heard it on arrested development so i guess other people do know/use that phrase. you win, you always do.

18. i almost always turn on the tap when going to the bathroom.

19. i never flush the toilet with my hand, i always use my foot.

20. i'm terrible at comforting people..its much easier for me to give advice.

21. i love love LOVE when people write little captions underneath pictures on facebook.

22. i get words stuck in my head. most often, they're terms from my anat and phys class..right now its "cauda equina". (the tethered portion at the bottom of the spinal cord, just in cause you were wondering)

23. i have serious issues with eating/drinking noises..i cant stand them. even (read:especially) if they're my own.

24. i have my alberta student number memorized. nerd? maybe

25. it's hard for me to be spontaneous. like reaaaallly difficult.

26. i can't whistle. believe you me, i've tried.

27. i have this thing where i throw away everyone's garbage at lunchtime. free of charge.

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  1. Haha, this is such a cute list of totally unique things! I always always am pushing the chair under the table after people leave the room - it's so funny how we're all creatures of habit! ;)


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