i wish..

..that i had never discovered arrested development/30 rock cause if i hadnt, i would actually get some studying done.

..that i was more into football, cause all the grey-cup celebrations look way fun. they have a zip line set up downtown! a zip line!

..that i hadnt slept through preference last night, i had fully intended to go. i fell asleep at 6:30 (last night) and woke up at 3:00 (this morning) really really confused..then fell back asleep until 9:30. yeah, i guess you could say i party pretty hard.

..that i had a remote car starter.

..that it was christmas break! woo! 

..that i had a camera when i ran into the entire saskatchewan roughriders team on my way home from school. blast.

..that i could document all the weird people who use the transit system. i was sitting in the bus stop the other day when this asian lady puts a grocery bag on the seat next to me. i sneak a peek in the bag only to find it full of cut up bits of chicken, complete with bones and gross prickly skin. it was actually kind of hilarious.

..that i was done with the studying portion of school and that i could just be in clinical.

..that jon had taught me how to butterfly a chicken breast before he left on the mission. that would have been helpful.

..that i had more time (read: motivation) to go to the gym regularly. grew on trees.

..that i had a boy to rub my feet and take me on this fabulous date that me and my roomie emily have planned. its pretty much a two day affair. 

..that i went black friday shopping :(

..that i could wear real clothes more often..believe it or not, im sick of wearing scrubs all the time!

..that i had more interesting things to say?

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