packa packa packa

has anybody seen that episode of the simpsons with the tap dancing lady? she's teaching them to dance and she says "tappa tappa tappa" all the time. my family found that hilarious so we say it all the time. hence, blog title.

anywho, just packin up for my big move to edmonton. i depart friday morning :) im excited and nervous because:

  • i have lots of friends here. im kind of sad to pack up and leave because this year has lots of potential to be really, really fun.
  • school is gonna be frickin sweet! im excited to learn new things and be able to piece things together and figure out how all these dental procedures work.
  • im going to be one poor little girl..i've never lived on  a budget before but i'm kind of excited to. as perverse as that sounds, im excited because its a challenge. and i like challenges.
  • i get to meet new people and new boys and expand my social circle :) i can hardly wait. im excited to be the new girl and (hopefully) get lots of attention from people (read: boys).
  • i get a fresh start.
  • i get to decorate a new room
also check out this awesomespice earring display thing i made! (awesomespice? what the cuss is that? find out here.)

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  1. I made one of those too! I LOVE mine! It's so much better than having to dig through a bag to find the match! Cute frame!


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