my summer via instagram

1. my car stella
2. lots and lots of driving
3. bed and breakfast in waterton
4. main street in waterton
5. rockin the flips
6. beautiful sunset on the way to stirling
7. flowers at the cardston temple
8. my beautiful meggy
9. fountain at galt gardens
10. the beach at surveyors lake
11. cameron lake
12. hiking buddies
13. the fam minus nate
14. fireworks at magrath days


believe you me

i'm thinking long and hard about something to blog about. it's been far too long, in my opinion. consider this your warning. a stellar post is in the works. don't bet your bottom dollar on it though..just sayin'.



i'm loooving the look of lace lately, especially with strong shoulder details and cutouts.
(i think i'm in one of those wedding know what i mean. uh oh.)


"Heaven knows we need not be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts"
 - from Great Expectations


and this is how i'm spending my friday night. 


no sleep tonight

random thoughts, ready set go.

my goal this summer is to become more well-read. (bad grammar? maaaybe). specifically to read great expectations and actually understand it and enjoy it. this song and this song have been replaying in my head for the past two days. i love james blake and bon iver's new cd. death cab released an album the other day and city and colour's new one comes out in four days. what a great time for music. i really want a puppy, specifically this one. i would name it a really cool name and love it and play with it and take it on runs. edmonton is the most beautiful city right now. so green and sunny and hot and full of life. everyone here is so active, always riding bikes or running or playing in a park. i really love this city and my life here, especially now that my practicum is almost over. i start work on monday! i guess i'm a real grown up now.

that's all i've got for now folks.


i need to be inspired, any good books i should read?

"You cannot pretend to read a good book.
Your eyes will give you away. So will your breathing.
A person entranced by a book simply forgets to
breathe. The house can catch alight and a reader
deep in a book will not look up until the wallpaper is in flames."
- from Mister Pip


for megan

"Brothers and sisters, the abundant life doesn't come to us packaged and ready-made. It's not something we can order and expect to find delivered with the afternoon mail. It does not come without hardship or sorrow. It comes through faith, hope and charity. And it comes to those who, in spite of hardship and sorrow, understand the words of one writer who said "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." The abundant life isn't something we arrive at. Rather, it is a magnificent journey that began long, long ages ago and will never, never end."
  Joseph B. Worthlin

becky is

and boooored.


in other news

sometimes i get soooo annoyed with blogging. it's always hovering in the corner of my mind, festering and frothing, until i finally post something without any real meaning or feeling just so i can get that weight off my chest. one day i'll love it again. ha.

you know when you idolize a certain blogger and they post a vlog and you watch it and you realize you actually don't like them in real life? i hate when that happens.

i've worn flip flops for the past three days and now it's supposed to snow tonight. mother nature, you are cruel and unusual.

on friday night, i dreamt that alaya died and i didn't realize it was a dream until saturday morning at 11:00. that was straight up weird. 

i can't stop listening to young the giant, behind sapphire, mumford and sons, oren lavie, and harvey danger and i'm not even mad. (i'm in the behind sapphire video..see if you can spot me.)

you all should check out my breast friend amy's blog. she's pretty funny, even if she doesn't shower. ever.


can you say obsessed? because that's what i am with this song.



ever notice how boys come in waves? 
your love life will be stagnant for months and months when, suddenly, the boys will be lining up at your door by the dozens.
i'm on the top of the wave lately and i'm definitely not complaining :)



i got my first tag! whoop! (not a hunting tag you nerds..a blogging tag. haha. good one.)
but seriously.
juhee, my most favorite asian, tagged me in a little game that's been making its way around the blogosphere.
i guess it's kind of like i'm an official blogger now. so thanks aish :)

(just a few words about juice: she's the most beautiful asian i've ever met, inside and out. she has awesome taste in music and her mom makes theeeee best korean food. she can read me like a book (bus ride to bball provs haha?) and it just so happens that we're born on the same day. we're ginasians and proud of it, even when we have bloatation days..and we saw twilight together on opening night. not a big deal. love you long time.)

1. List three things that you love about yourself.
2. Post a picture that you love.
3. List five bloggers to whom you are passing this along.

1. i love how i'm good at meeting people. i love being social and putting myself in situations where i don't know anyone just so i can meet new people..i just love networking and expanding my social circle. i'm pretty outgoing and approachable and independent. so yeah. i like that about myself and i have a lot of other great qualities as well. (marcel?) 

2. i love that people tell me that i look like blake lively haha. seriously. best compliment ever. i also love that i have a healthy, strong body that allows me to do (almost) anything that i want to. lately i've realized what a blessing it is to be healthy and happy with who i am. i love that i love being active and eating healthy! i couldn't live like a couch potato and i'm very grateful for that.

3. i love that i am like my parents. i'm so lucky to have been raised by such incredible people. everyday i find things about myself that remind me of them, and i'm so happy that i've turned out like them.

i was here.
love life; it will surely love you back
i love my rainboots


scandalous music video but
such an awesome song.
thanks to my buddy lauren!

lesson of the day: don't think you know what a person is all about because, ninety five percent of the time, you're completely wrong.

lesson learned.



dear everyone (namely alicia, nicole, brittany, megan and jane):

thanks for posting such awesome things that make my bad mood go away.
ps i can't even get over "home" by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes. too great.

pps i love this photo.

happy weekend :)



on sunday i wore red lipstick for the first time in  my life.
i loved it!
i was told that i looked like ariel from footloose.
(if any of you have seen it, that's a compliment. cause she's a fox.)
i think i'll be wearing red lipstick more often.
what are your thoughts on red lipstick?

in other news.
i started the clinical portion of my program in valentine's day.
i sure love it. (get it? haha.)
that means no more studying for hours and hours and no more exams..
i'm ecstatic.
so far it's been interesting. we're learning at such a fast pace.
it's kind of stressful and makes me swear a lot.
but i'm trying not to, i promise haha.
my prof is intimidating to some but i really don't think so.
some girls get offended because she's so blunt.
i appreciate honesty. and honestly, she's a pansy compared to my old basketball coach.
i've seen it all haha, you can't phase me anymore.
juice, you know what i'm talking about.

i get to go home on friday :)
for the first time since christmas!
i'm really excited.
i miss my family and my friends and driving in a city where i actually know where i'm going haha.
i'm not one to get  homesick. ever.
but right now it feels like it's time to head home.

i'm kind of discouraged that my love life is in a rut right now.
seriously. so stagnant..
but i just need to be patient i guess. and social.
it's taking me longer than i expected to meet people in this town.
but i'm getting there!
slowly but surely.

soon enough i'll blog about something interesting
but thanks for sticking with me :)
you're all the best.



full-day study sessions make me want to cry my eyes out.
but full week study sessions? that's a whole other story.
two more exams..just two more exams..
then i'm out of the hell-hole that is the theory portion of my program.
excuse the's pretty accurate though.
my head hurts.
my eyes hurt.
i smell like taco meat.
oh wait, that's just my roommate making supper.
twenty two more chapters to go.


"Know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?" Doctrine and Covenants 122:7-8

i love those verses, how they remind me of why we have trials and how we can learn from them.
have you checked out



how awkward is this photo?
it's on my bank's website.
pretty sure that's the face i make when i do my online banking.
this brings me great joy.

ps-i'm bored with that challenge thing.


i got a letter from elder remington today! 
(about time haha.)

 how happy am i?

this happy :)


day eleven

i vetoed day ten (what i wore day) because i only ever wear scrubs nowadays..

my siblings.

the ginger.
he's smart, sarcastic, and a mini version of me.
he loves judo and basketball and reading.
he's seriously heeelarious.
and very mature for a 12 year old.
i'll keep him around.

the tall, dark and handsome one.
 he's incredibly talented on the guitar and probably one of the funniest people around.
he's 18 and will be getting ready to go on a mish soon..i can't even believe it!
he's a lady killer. so watch out, he'll charm the pants right off ya.

so this video is so old and doesn't have any sound..but sean is just so darn cute.


my main man

blogging has kind of been put on the backburner recently.
i've just been spending a lot of time with a certain boy..
he's pretty incredible.
i don't know if you've ever met him before?

my boyfriend harry.

expect me back in the blogosphere sometime soon.
or don't. 
i might start watching all the movies next.


day nine

this is just one aspect of my church's beliefs,
that after we die, we return to heaven, to live with our Heavenly Father. 
i know who i am, why i'm here, and where i am going.
i know that He won't test me beyond my abilities,
and, when it is to hard to endure alone, that He will comfort and understand me
better than anyone else. 
i know that my family will be together forever and someday, i will create my own eternal family.
i know that the gospel is true.


day eight (part two)

i turned on my light and what did i see?
kimberley in the kitchen, staring at me.

 it was a nice way to start the morning.

day eight

how many people have had the opportunity to play on a slide made completely of ice?
i have :)


day seven

my best friends, old and new.

(if you're reading this and feeling offended because you're not on here..sorry! it doesn't mean you don't mean anything to me :) )






julianna and julie

carrie and jessica



carrie (again..i love this picture lol.)
honorable mention: emily
(haha. just kidding.)
megan (ps happy birthday to you! spaz.)


day six

my (yester)day:

-me and some girls from school put on an oral hygiene presentation for a third grade class. they were freakin' cute. the kids i mean, but my classmates are pretty good lookin' too. uh...

-i spent some quality time with the boyfriend harry. (potter, that is..) i'm rereading the series and i definitely forgot how much i adore it. it's time well wasted people. much like my blog. ha.

-i ate lots of nutella.

sorry to bore you to tears..but that was honestly and truly my day yesterday. why did i pick yesterday to do the "my day" post about? because today was unremarkable, so much so that i can't remember what happened.

well. have a good one.


one day..

i have this thing where i tend to ignore advice, i prefer find out for myself.
i've heard mixed reviews about utah life from my soab friends..
i'd like to try it out..
like really, reeaaaaally badly.
anyone have a couch that i could camp out on for like..a month?

(leave your thoughts about utah below! please.)


day five

love is:

when they realize truly how strange you are and want to be with you anyway.

being able to sit in silence and not feel awkward.

feeling completely comfortable with someone when you're not wearing any makeup.

crying yourself to sleep, at least once.

wanting to spend every second with someone.

being with someone that makes you a better person.


something that lasts forever, even if it fades.


day four

so..i really don't think anyone really cares what i ate today..but for the lack of anything better to do, i'll tell ya!

  1. two pieces of gum (yeah, i swallow my gum, big whoop)
  2. sidekicks (i jazzed it up with green beans, cheddar cheese, and garlic salt. i guess you could say i'm a homemaker)
  3. a box of chocolate almonds (don't worry, there were only like 17)
  4. rice with broccoli, carrots, ground beef, snap peas with sweet soy sauce (my roomie brigitte is a miracle worker)
  5. four chocolate cookies (also from brigitte..)
i love me some food! 

let's remember how beautiful we are,
where we come from,
who's daughters we actually are.
let's remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
that we don't need to conform to the world's idea of beauty.
let's remember that loving yourself is more important than a trim waistline, long and silky hair, or the perfect pair of shoes.
let's remember to accept ourselves, flaws and all, because that's the key to true beauty.



day three

these people are my best friends.
they make me laugh harder than any of my friends and
they understand me pretty well.
they talk to me like an adult.
they've taught me of the importance of the gospel,
and helped me become who i am today.
 dad makes the best popcorn and mom is just a crazy irish girl.
i love you guys.


becky through the ages

in honour of me and my twentieth birthday
i put those post together as my gift to you.
celebrate me, with me.

so much sass!

adolescence treated me well.

this one honestly leaves me speechless. and that doesn't happen very often!

i make arizona look gooood

i guess two words that describe my feet are dainty and feminine. 

contrary to popular belief, i did have hair in this photo.

i'm pretty sure i never went through an awkward phase.

 the mother and i at the ripe old age of 12.

i had school spirit apparently.

my father is slouching, i'm definitely not taller than him lol.

just waitin' on the stairs with my long hair and skinny legs on christmas morning.

this photo preeeetty much sums me up at the age of fifteen.

thank you for commemorating me, celebrating me, and falling in love with me. 
i'm pretty great, aren't i?

*note that this post is completely, 100% satirical. duh.