boo (not halloween inspired)

i love when people laugh unnecessarily loud in movie theaters.

the movie "red" is not worth your time..sorry to offend.

my grandma took me out for lunch today. we took pictures with our waiter. sweeeet.

cold weather reminds me of basketball season. basketball=good, therefore, cold=good. right?

i am moving to edmonton in t minus eight days.

check out this giveaway..i like winning.

i am in love with a man (who shall remain nameless) who will probably never love me back.

the girl gave me five extra tanning minutes today.

volleyball is fun.

i bought a james dean poster today. i like him.

i love love.

halloween is this weekend! woop woop!

i like andy warhol.

i need an extra set of single sheets..anybody have some?

i want to punch sexist people in the face.

my friend megan has a cute baby.

i like fashion.

i bought some reaaally cute things at VV favorite store.

im excited to be out of my house. i love my family, but i want to throttle them. time to move out? yes.

all of a sudden everybody is in a relationship?

tonight was disappointing.

people suck.

things could be worse?

im so frustrated.


    1. i feel the same about pretty much everything! especially numbers 19 and 20!

    2. I'm sorry you're frustrated!! Love your blog though.
      Was it a good or bad thing about the five extra tanning minutes? That would make me look like a fresh cooked lobster for sure!


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