no title really.

 room pictures? i think so!

 sleeping area (i prefer the lived-in look, it's more authentic)

 my improv closet 

the cute mirror that i jacked from my mom's room! and strategic camera placement.

 shoes and scrubs and marilyn and garbage

my wall hangings.

andy warhol quote and my man james dean.
ps-yeah, its possible.

oh haaaiii.

might as well suggest some good songs while i'm at it!
  1. i wouldn't mind- he is we
  2. jacksonville-brandon flowers
  3. little L-jamiroquai
  4. the writer-ellie goulding
  5. the boy with the arab strap- belle and sebastian
  6. we no speak americano- yolanda be cool
  7. re:stacks- bon iver
  8. woods- bon iver
  9. blood bank - bon iver (my fave song right now!)
  10. whip my hair- willow smith (hahaha)
  11. the ghost inside- broken bells
  12. say you dont want it- one night only
  13. enchanted- taylor swift

(hopefully later this week i'll post something of substance..)

ps-it was my first week of school! it went great! except for when i waited an hour and a half for the bus..on two different occasions..not cool.

pps-i think i've posted this before..seriously. so mad she's a girl. haha.

ppps-watch this and cry. peeta is perfection.


  1. What a precious little place you have! I like your lived in look!!! You are the real deal lady! : )

  2. I'm jealous my room doesn't look like that! :) um.. I saw He is We in concert. and I'm pretty sure they sang that song. :) best night of my life! they are amazing! :) I love you Speck!

  3. Your bedroom is lovely...I just love that mirror!

  4. Haha, I never make my bed. I totally agree with you.

  5. I love room/apartment photos. I love James Dean :)


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