i would.

i was inspired by this post. best inspiration i've received all day! lets begin:

cam gigandet is my latest obsession. he is PERFECTION. never underestimate the power of a tanned, blonde, blue eyed man.

seriously cam? seriously.

zac efron, of course! i find he's more attractive in movies than in pictures, although this picture is kind of proving me wrong 

 alex freaking pettyfer. he is peeta mellark in my mind. he is also fabulous without a shirt.

jonathan rhys meyers. i dont think an explanation is necessary.

 jake gyllenhall, especially when he looks like this.

once again..congrats ed, you've made it onto my blog twice.
ashton. you were freaking sexy in the killers. or whatever that lamesauce movie was called. point is, you didnt have a shirt on like the whole time..and it was good.

a few more, just in case you werent convinced.

this was fun..lets do this again sometime! deal? deeeal.


  1. LOVE IT! all awesome choices bow chica wow wow :)

  2. Zac Efron is so cute he makes me blush! Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm older than him? LOL GREAT choices and great post!

  3. we share the same feelings toward Cam. what a hunk.


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