the final countdown

this is it people. the last week before christmas break. am i excited? yes. i pretty much can't even handle it, even though you wouldn't be able to tell due to my lack of exclamation marks. i just don't like to use them because pretty much everything i say in real life is exclaimed so every post i would write would be full of exclaimed statements. and that would be weird! (there's one.)

anyways. school is driving me up the wall. i really enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but i'm getting cabin fever from sitting in that classroom all day everyday..i think i caught restless leg syndrome because i just want to get up and move and be anywhere but in the classroom/studying. like right now..i'm doing a pretty frickin' good job at avoiding studying for my test on wednesday and final on friday. what can i say, i'm good at what i do.

on another note, anybody have good music for me? i have a 6 hour drive home (hurrah for going home!) on friday and could use some decent tunes. lemme hear what you got.

 ps-check out this lovely lady's blog. so modest and fashiony!


  1. he is we is the best band in the woooorld!

  2. Big Black Car - youtube it... I have fallen in love with the entire cd it came from.

  3. Mumford & Sons! :) Good luck with school ending. Cuuuute blog too!


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