what to blog about?

things i'm amazed by lately:

-the speed at which my room goes from dirty to clean to dirty again..its pretty remarkable.

-how quickly laundry piles up and groceries disappear.

-my new chi.

-the weather..i kind of like it. i really love thunderstorms :) and when we do have nice weather we appreciate it that much more.

-how easy it is to confuse love and hate.

-my lack of anything good to blog about..

-jared padalecki. also ashton kutcher and bradley cooper's body. mmmm.

-how "decipher reflections" by playradioplay tugs at my heart strings :(

-the rate at which my freckles are multiplying.

-how fast hygiene school is coming! three months!

-how quickly i recovered my social skills..i'm now not suffering from complete social retardation. just partial.

-at the overall lameness of this post. sigh.


from me to me

dear self:

i'll be smarter next time. the extremes i had going on today weren't the best life choice..unhealthy food and a hard workout isn't exactly the best combination. so so sorry.

you are banned from facebook for a week. not that youre addicted or anything..but you get kind of obsessive. and creep-y. as in you creep far too much to be considered normal.

instead of focusing your efforts on others (ahem, facebook), try focusing it on alma. cause you promised you would finish alma by july. better hustle, cause time will fly by!

make it a goal in your life to marry an ashton kutcher lookalike. you know what? i would settle with ashton kutcher. better get on that.

lets make it a goal to buy groceries this week! and possibly focus a little more on laundry and the maintenance of the cleanliness of your room.

keep up with the working out! you're doing great! and remember we want results by the end of the month.

you promised coach hundred percent attendance to practice from now on..don't forget. don't not go.

hang in there. things are tough right now and they'll stay like this for a while until, one day, you'll wake up and realize you don't care anymore, that all of this doesn't make you want to scream and cry and laugh and punch someone in the face all at the same time. you can do it.

love, me

ps- it might be a good idea to stop listening to "i miss you" by blink 182.


feast your eyes

this man makes my heart melt.