things you probably dont know about me (pt.1)

1. i never have, nor ever will, pee in a bush. i will hold it until facilities are available, thank you very much.

2. i rarely eat leftovers. if i do, there are only certain meals that i will eat (spaghetti, meat loaf, lasagna, rice and the like).

3. i lick both sides of the chip before i eat it.

4. i suffer from a fear of heights. i always thought i was just afraid of falling and landing..then someone explained to me that there isn't much more to be afraid of when youre up high. therefore, fear of heights. (i am working at overcoming that fear. walked on the train bridge last week..suck it, phobia!)

5. i am a really, really bad arguer. i always see truth in what the other person is saying.

6. i am a terrible, terrible actor.

7. i really dislike hurting peoples' feelings..i am a people pleaser.

8. i prefer to sleep with my bedroom door locked..i feel safer that way.

9. i put peanut butter on both pieces of bread in a pb&j sandwich.

10. i think being lonely is the worst feeling one could experience. well, probably not the worst, but i think its pretty up there. (not just being alone..i enjoy a vast amount of alone time. i'm talking about the times that you feel that you have nobody to depend on, that nobody cares about you or how you feel, that you have no one to confide in. the kind that leaves you crying in your bed in the dark. that kind of loneliness.)

11. i am a grammar fiend, although my speech and blogging would probably say otherwise. and by fiend i mean nazi.

12. although i may seem like a social person, i love time to myself. i am also too independent to constantly have people around me. i am a loner at times.

13. this probably isnt too unknown..but i have a wicked temper and little to no patience.

(note: i labeled this as "part 1" in hopes that i will dredge up enough points from the bottom of my soul to formulate a second part. we'll see how that goes.)


  1. That is quite the description of 'lonely' it makes my heart sad just reading. Also... You? Temper? Perish the thought.

  2. i also tend to lick both sides of the chip. especially if its salt and vinegar. =)


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