its not always rainbows and butterflies

shout out to all maroon 5 fanatics, holla!


recap this week:

tuesday night i played my first intramurals basketball game. my team name? yao jason. you know, like yao ming? yeah, didnt get it the first time either. theres only three other girls on my team, which can only mean one thing: there is an over abundance of testosterone on the court at any given moment in time. Its interesting how men are unable to have a chill, for-fun game of basketball. i think they always feel the need to prove their manlihood..maybe they need to compensate for something?

i think all men secretly believe that they're basketball stars and therefore don't have to adhere to the "no 'i' in team" theory..or the "work the ball around the court before jacking up a shot" one. i had to make a stand against this. i may or may not have fouled every man that drove into the key.

they can handle it, right?

my summary of the night:

number of outrageous layups that had no chance of being made: 337
humber of times a girl was open on the wing: 337
number of passes made to the girl: 6
playing coed intramurals: priceless.

the other night jonny and i got together with kels and her friend riley to play star wars monopoly. from that experience i've learned a thing or two:

first: i am not very good at estimating the value of an investment. i mean i've kinda known that about myself already, but this experience reinforced it. this being said, i can determine if the price of, say, a pair of jeans is appropriate or not. obviously im not much of a math/finances person once im out of my element. example: when im grocery shopping and i see a bundle of asparagus for $3.29, im not capable of determining if thats expensive or i buy it anyways. back to the game. my strategy is basically to buy whatever my little heart desires, which is my philsophy in life anyways, dont tell mom! haha joking. but seriously. good thing i have friends like kelsey to tell me when im making a bad investment and who's willing to team up with me so we wouldnt get taken out by mr. monopoly himself, riley.

despite what jonny says about his skills at this game he was the first out. hmmm.

second: that game goes on for far, faaaaaar too long.

i've been looking into texas state technical college for school next year and it sounds pretty promising! i wrote the TEAS exam today and did surprisingly well, considering my lack of preparation and the completion of the exam in less than half the allotted time. not bad at all.

jonny and i rented the first season of the office which i am currently watching. the basketball episode to be exact.

quote of the day: "who am i: michael scott? i might just be a basketball star."

as good as this day has been, it is tinged with melancholy notes of destruction and denim: my silver jeans ripped in an irrepreable place. RIP miracle jeans :(

lol. no pun intended.



hey hey

i love this blogging stuff! i really hafta moderate myself, all day today and yesterday i was so anxious about getting back on here and writing my little heart out..i managed to show some self restraint, so kudos to me.

yesterday my mama, kelsey, her mama and myself stuffed our tall selves into kelsey's altima and went to calgary for a shopping day! woohoo! yay for birthday money from my boss, you da man paul.

the first part of the day was slow purchase wise. unfortunately i have this complex type thing..if i don't make a lot of purchases early in the shopping experience, i get desperate and buy overly-priced items without thinking twice. whoops. i did manage to buy some new sunday clothes and bras and a cute wallet! which is probably my favorite purchase cause my old one got ran over :( rip cute red snakeskin wallet. i bought one fairly similar..its a pinkish red snakeskin guess beauty :)

my weakness? sephora. i spent far too long in there looking for the perfect concealer..and blush..and eye shadow. luckily i settled for a $23 dollar shadow..i'll use it tons, i swear!

my most useless purchase? probably a pair of purple running shorts a size too small from old navy..i got too desperate and too impatient to try them on..might as well have flushed that fifteen bucks down the toilet.

today was the sabbath! i was only six minutes late for church today, hooray for improvement. after the meetings, jonny and i made chicken breast, scalloped potatoes and asparagus for dinner, oh so healthy! only to be followed by countless handfuls of m&m's and a bowl of ice cream. whoops.

ps- jonny likes to cook..major plus.

this meal was followed by an exorbitant waste of brain cells and time as we watched so you think you can dance and the island (the waste of time comment is really an empty one, i quite enjoy both of those shows).

we trekked over to my work buddy alaya's house to play games with other young single adults. when we got there they were playing curses, which unfortunately died down soon after we got there. funny funny game.

anywho. i hafta work in the morning :( sick day tomorrow? i'm feelin it.

pps-i just listened to the worst song ever..dmx rapping on phil collin's "i can feel it"..who put that on my ipod?


well, here goes

so this is my first post in a thought process is this: maybe if i started blogging again it would motivate me to write in my journal, which has also suffered since i have moved out.

thats right folks, i've moved out. welcome to the real world, becky sparks.

i've had my ups and downs, thats for sure! things are smooth sailing right now :)

over the last little while some things have changed in my life:

1. the boyfriend and i are no more. you know when you get to the point in a relationship when things are too serious? when you feel kinda trapped and all this pressure to stay with the person when youre definitely not ready for that kind of commitment? yep. He was a lot more serious about me than i was about our standards weren't necessarily all. the break up was so hard at the time. then one morning i woke up and realized that i didn't care about the drama anymore..its the best feeling when you wake up and realize that youre so over him :)

2. i have a new boyfriend :) he's fantastic. he treats me like a princess haha, im so so spoiled! when we first met we became insta-friends and spent all of our time together..things havent changed much. i really love to be with him, he's funny and athletic and super super thoughtful. example: the other day i was heading to school and forgot my backpack at my place, so i called him and asked him to drop it off at the college. later that day, after getting my bag, i look in the pocket and saw my ipod and earphones..they weren't there before. so obviously jonny thought to put them in there for me..without my asking. so so sweet :)

3. thirdly..i love basketball again. last season was the most challenging thing i've encountered thus far, it kinda made me question my love for the game. it was the best of times. it was the worst of times. to quote mister dickens. i didn't touch a basketball till three weeks ago..a bunch of friends got together to scrim and i realized how much i missed im in a bball class at school and coaching and playing on an intramural team..i love it so much.

thats just a few things that are new..i promise to keep y'all updated. cause i'm sure there are SO many people reading this lol. its kinda therapeutic in a way.