too easy.

these past few weeks have been eventful, to say the least! winning basketball provs, road tripping it to red deer and going to bed at eight the morning only to get up at ten to pack certainly take their toll. this season was my last as to have the opportunity to wear the comet jersey. it was probably the most emotionally and physically draining four months of my life, but every second was worth it.

next on the agenda: rugby :)


go comets!

yay for red and white day :)


who knew?

my whole life i thought i hated winter. of course there were a few threads of silver that lined its snowy, desolate cloud- such as my birthday, christmas, and basketball season-but, for the most part, i couldnt stand it. sure, the first snowfall was charming, but soon its novelty would wear off. i felt this way up until a few days
ago. the sun was setting, and the lighting was exceptional! i grabbed, my camera and proceeded to take the most beautiful was balmy outside, frost glinted on the grass felt like i was the only person in the world. i forgot myself and was lost in the delicate beauty of winter. who knew winter could be so captivating? i do now.

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