ahhh. salt lake, utah. what a glorious place! jonny, his sister katelyn, our friend kelsey scott and i road tripped through the night to utah. yes, i did get through the border :) my letter worked! it was probably just my charm now that i think about it.

date and time of departure: thursday night 9:00ish pm (from cardston)

date and time of arrival: friday at 8:45ish am (salt lake)

after our arrival at jonny's aunt laurel's house, we proceeded to pass out for a couple of hours. i went a full 24 hours without sleep..impressive, no? i dont function well without sleep.

our first day activities include:

1. getting settled at the house. jonny's aunt's house is amazing. its in a way nice, multilevel neighbourhood of utah and has cute stone flooring and lots of cute artsy knick knacks :) its the kinda house you never get bored in. they had a vintage baby grand piano that was so old the ivory was peeling off the keys and a statue of a bulldog that i thought was real every time i saw it.
the view from the porch

also we whipped together a fabulous breakfast!

-shredded coconut
-crushed pecans

and milk. so good.

2. showered and got all pretty-ed up for supper at tucano's brazilian grill. if you havent been there, make a point to stop there the next time youre in salt lake. they have a massive "salad festival", the equivalent of canada's salad bar, the boasts every delicious side dish that you could imagine. the real kicker is the main course-waiters bring 20 different kinds of meat on skewers throughout the duration of the meal. such meats include filet mignon wrapped in bacon, spicy brazilian sausage, various tips of sirloin, and chicken hearts.

yes. chicken hearts. jonny ate one..luckily he told me what it was just as i was cutting into it. ewww. the best meat was the battered codfish in a mango delicious! the intermittently served fire roasted pineapple with a brown sugar glaze was inspirational..mmm :) after that experience we cruised the gateway mall..i was in heaven.

3.we cruised temple square..i love that place so much :) i believe we watched a movie as well..but i don't remember.

day two:

we stumbled out of our beds to hear the first session of conference on saturday morning. we dined on cinnamon buns and oranges as pres. monson talked about his was way cute! instead of going tothe second session, we met up with jon's brother in law and his brother to hit up "clash of the titans". quick review: it was okay.

After the movie we ventured to cafe rio and ordered a pork burrito enchilada style. so indescribably good :)

jonny went to the priesthood while i was unleashed upon gateway mall. my bounty includes:

-three tres cute skirts
-an abercombie hoodie (im legit, i know)
-an awesome new purse!
- a cardigan
- and a cute new shirt.

i did pretty good for two hours (pats self on back) lol. lame.

he picked me up after the session and we took night pictures at temple square.

day three:

we rose and shone bright and early to wait in line for tickets for the morning session on such luck. we watched the session in the north visitors center. i took diligent notes as everyone else in the room slept. we watched the second session in the that point in time, my patience was waning so jon and i doodled in my journal.

that night was a big easter dinner with jonny's family! it was way fun. we played rubikub (?) with jon's way cool cousins brittany and tiffany. after watching another movie we retired to bed, only to rise at 4:30 to make preparations for our departure.

day four: as we passed through layton, we picked up a dozen krispy kreme's to share between the two of us..lewd, right? we trekked home and eleven hours later, we were there :)