what's on your mind?

becky sparks is now in a relationship with homework and believe me, it's complicated.

becky sparks was told by the guy at the gym that her name was cute. i think he was flirting.

becky sparks has now made a goal to go to the gym at least three times a week.

 becky sparks has not shaved through the whole month of november. and october for that matter.

becky sparks is reaaaaally happy that i dont have an exam until monday.

becky sparks is a champion thrifter nowadays.

becky sparks would kind of like for it to be christmas holidays already.

becky sparks needs a social life or ysa dance or something.

becky sparks hasnt been on facebook for four days..and its starting to get to me.


  1. I feel like you are a mirror of my life.

    1. I too have not shaved since who knows when... But I do find the hair oddly thermal.

    2. I also have not been on facebook this week and I'm SO bored.

    3. School is my only companion.

  2. haha love this!! my homework days are recently over, i sooo do not envy you. only a little bit longer until christmas break!


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