room tour?

in an attempt to overcome my lame/not creative self, i hit up the local value village to scout out some cute things to decorate my lamesauce room..and this is what i found!

suuuuper cheap.

cute lil mirror.

everyone should probably be jealous of my shiny snake belt

oh this old thing? every piece is second hand. (yeah, i had fun arranging the outfit lol.)

i've had this photo for a while..its my favorite picture of all time! i've just been on the lookout for a decent frame to put it in..anybody have any creative (not in a picture frame) ideas to display this?

i found this lamp laying around my house and adopted it

oh, hello marilyn

my cute lil bird! not purchased from VV.

i'm currently living in sean's old bedroom (my 12 year old bro)..check out this piece of artwork that i found on the door frame.

haha. so cute.


a single word

a person cannot be described in a single word; a single word fails to capture all that is encompassed within.
a single word fails to illuminate the most glorious and unique aspects of one's character.
a single word is incapable of capturing the beauty, the majesty, the depth of one's soul.
it is incapable of measuring one's abilities: to love, to overcome, to forgive, to forget, to remember.
a single word fails to bring to light the deepest, darkest secrets hidden amidst the cobwebs of the shadowy, forgotten corner we all possess.
a single word neglects the desires, dreams, and yearnings that burn and thrive within.
the confidences, the fears, the strengths, the weaknesses, the insecurities, are overlooked and neglected by a single word, left forlorn and forgotten and swept to the wayside.
the anguished tears shed during a moment of personal strife are wasted; the cautious and hopeful smiles in moments of triumph are not accounted for.
a single word is too definitive, too restricting, to capture the countless facets of human character.
also my latest obsessions:

-florence + the machine

- 2am club

-lunges and squats (instant results..if you count instant pain as a result..)

-my chopstix polo shirts

-checking my hotmail for missionary emails..nada.


-online shopping..namely

im a working girl..saaa

i think some of you will be happy to know that i am a proud employee of chopstix. you know, that fast food chinese place on mayor magrath? yup.

today was my first day and it was surprisingly good. i actually enjoyed working there. its such a relaxed atmosphere and time flew by. i may or may not have been asked out on a date by a customer..he proceeded to tell me about how making out is his favorite sport..nice.

so if anybody comes in to visit/orders chinese food, i wont even be mad about it.



elder remington (weird..) leaves the mtc this morning and is on his way to las vegas! how exciting!

i'm not really sure its allowed (in fact im pretty sure its not. he says that they were given no instruction about it..oh well. its not my head on the chopping block haha) but he called me from the airport before he left. oh jon, always making up his own rules, he's pretty much lawless. he called me super early, at like 7:15 and woke me up. rude.

it sounds like he's doing really well! he says the mtc food is "gross, heavy cafeteria food" and that he's excited to eat normal food again, as well as starting to exercise. he loved the mtc though! he said he learned so much while he was there and that he's going to learn soooo much more in the field. the first three days went by so slow for him, he said it felt like he was out for three weeks. he's already not a fan of having a companion around all the time haha. he said he was so happy to have a little bit of freedom/independence at the airport. apparently he ditched his companion (well, his companion in the mtc, i guess they're not companions now) as soon as they got to the airport and went off and bought a sandwich. i guess i shouldnt be surprised by this behaviour haha but it makes me laugh.

sounds like he's making some really good friends in the mtc. he met an elder that he says is "the man of his dreams". i should probably meet this guy. haha. kidding. i always thought it was strange how such strong relationships are formed there, these people only know each other for three(ish) weeks. i guess there's something about sweating over and studying and stressing about the gospel and freaking out about the next two years that brings people together.

he said (in a not rude way) that he hardly thought about me the first week he was gone, which i think is really good! because that means that he'll forget me pretty quick and focus all of his..focus..on the task at hand. he hasn't even been gone that long but i got all emotional when i read the letter he wrote to his sure this is normal right?

question to anybody who knows the rules of a mission better than me: say that i was in las vegas sometime over the next two years. would i be able to take out a couple of missionaries to lunch? just curious.

it feels like he's been gone forever! not that i've been missing him and that times been going slow, but it feels like we've both changed so much over the last threeish weeks. i cant even imagine what its gonna be like when he gets home. it was so good to hear from my best friend and how much he's changed already and the spiritual progress he's making. im kind of jealous of him! that boys get to go out at such a critical time in life and are completely submerged in the gospel for two years and come out completely different people. i want this kind of spiritual overhaul :)

i hadnt even planned on writing him until at least a year from now..but when he called he sounded kinda disappointed that i hadnt written him yet haha. i thought some more about the writing thing..the first year that a missionary is in the field i bet he gets a ton of letters from friends and family and he feels somewhat involved in their lives. the second year, however, i can imagine that the novelty of writing to a missionary wears off and the friends all stop writing..and that would be so discouraging for the missionary. so. two solutions:

a) i dont start writing him until a year from now, so i'll be the only one writing him still and therefore, very important to him. ha.


b) i just suck it up and write him the whole time.

(this is kind of a tough one cause i dont know what the next two years hold in store. ah well, cross those bridges when they come right?)

ah! how exciting! my first missionary! i'll most likely keep yall posted. cause this is really exciting for me. :) :)



ever read those books where you fall in love with the characters? where you feel like you know them personally? you feel as though you know them, as if they are your closest friend and have been your best friend your whole life. based on what you've read about them, you're able to anticipate their reactions to real life situations. you know what makes them tick and what makes them upset. you cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh, and want to beat the crap out of someone when they want to beat the crap out of someone. you yearn to confide in this person, to make them laugh, and to spend as much time as possible with them.

maybe thats just me..but if youre susceptible to this kind of thing, i suggest you read the hunger games series and graceling by kristin cashore and then report back to me. asap.


my summer playlist

generally things like this are posted at the beginning of summer. obviously my blogging consistency can be compared to the consistency of the sun, so it's being posted now. i'm breakin the mold here, people.

enjoy :)
  1. we are birds-brighten
  2. broken horse-freelance whales
  3. too many questions-sam sparro
  4. summer skin-death cab
  5. car crash-artist vs. poet
  6. damn rough night-artist vs. poet
  7. club cant handle me-flo rida (step up 3 soundtrack, not even mad about it)
  8. i miss you-blink 182
  9. lover lover-jerrod niemann
  10. grapevine fires-death cab
  11. sign. steal. deliver.-the audition
  12. I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds-mayday parade
  13. shampain-marina and the diamonds
  14. skeleton boy-friendly fires
  15. strobe-friendly fires
  16. picture perfect-every avenue
  17. tell me i'm a wreck-every avenue
  18. streets of gold-3OH!3
  19. ghosting-freelance whales
  20. if i had you-adam lambert
  21. i am not a robot-marina and the diamonds
  22. think of you later (empty room)-every avenue
  23. i'm not the one-3OH!3
  24. obsessions-marina and the diamonds
  25. give it to me-the maine
  26. unconscious reality-artist vs. poet
  27. cath-death cab
  28. you and i-ingrid michaelson
  29. little secrets-passion pit
  30. spanish sahara-foals
  31. my temperature's rising-the audition
  32. talking bird-death cab
  33. catastrophe-forever the sickest kids
  34. sleepyhead-passion pit
  35. eyes as candles-passion pit
  36. the running man-the audition
  37. oh no!-marina and the diamonds
  38. punch drunk love-the summer set
  39. fever-adam lambert
  40. beautiful monster-neyo
  41. we'll be a dream-we the kings feat. demi lovato
  42. dance forever-allstar weekend
  43. the perfect scene-mercy mercedes
  44. VIP-ke$ha
  45. swimming in the flood-passion pit
  46. when it was good-flypside
  47. year of silence-crystal castles
  48. found out-caribou
  49. secrets-one republic
  50. where are you now? the summer set
  51. marching on-one republic (the timbaland version)
my faves right now? numbers 45, 51, 14, 26, and anything by mayday parade.


so i found this little buddy on youtube and pretty much developed an insta-crush.

was i mad when i found out she was a girl? maybe.

(maybe i should be concerned?)