in other news

sometimes i get soooo annoyed with blogging. it's always hovering in the corner of my mind, festering and frothing, until i finally post something without any real meaning or feeling just so i can get that weight off my chest. one day i'll love it again. ha.

you know when you idolize a certain blogger and they post a vlog and you watch it and you realize you actually don't like them in real life? i hate when that happens.

i've worn flip flops for the past three days and now it's supposed to snow tonight. mother nature, you are cruel and unusual.

on friday night, i dreamt that alaya died and i didn't realize it was a dream until saturday morning at 11:00. that was straight up weird. 

i can't stop listening to young the giant, behind sapphire, mumford and sons, oren lavie, and harvey danger and i'm not even mad. (i'm in the behind sapphire video..see if you can spot me.)

you all should check out my breast friend amy's blog. she's pretty funny, even if she doesn't shower. ever.