one day..

i have this thing where i tend to ignore advice, i prefer find out for myself.
i've heard mixed reviews about utah life from my soab friends..
i'd like to try it out..
like really, reeaaaaally badly.
anyone have a couch that i could camp out on for like..a month?

(leave your thoughts about utah below! please.)


  1. DO IT. haha of course I would say that right? but really. I feel like you would like it. I am trying to find a job down there right now.. If I do my couch is all yours.

  2. i.adore.utah.
    honestly, i love it.
    it's full of some awesome and very nice people.

  3. give edmonton a chance! it's the bomb!!

  4. Utah is a great place. Well I love it anyway. Definitely try it out for sure.

  5. oh Becky... come sleep on my couch!!

  6. if i dont end up in hawaii...that is hopefully where i will be soooo you can crash on my couch anytime!! hawaii or utah OR wherever i may be!! love ya!


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