no sleep tonight

random thoughts, ready set go.

my goal this summer is to become more well-read. (bad grammar? maaaybe). specifically to read great expectations and actually understand it and enjoy it. this song and this song have been replaying in my head for the past two days. i love james blake and bon iver's new cd. death cab released an album the other day and city and colour's new one comes out in four days. what a great time for music. i really want a puppy, specifically this one. i would name it a really cool name and love it and play with it and take it on runs. edmonton is the most beautiful city right now. so green and sunny and hot and full of life. everyone here is so active, always riding bikes or running or playing in a park. i really love this city and my life here, especially now that my practicum is almost over. i start work on monday! i guess i'm a real grown up now.

that's all i've got for now folks.


  1. oh my that new bon iver album is the most amazing thing ever. loooove it. it's on repeat over here. but really. i listen to it all day every day.

  2. I want to be well read this summer too!! Woo! I am almost done with Jane Eyre, and its really good!! I read it once before when I was 14 and I hated it... but now I don't! Cool story, huh?

  3. Oh I just love you!! And have I ever told you that you honestly to goodness have the best taste in music. I wouldn't be mad at all to get a mix cd from you ;) Come back to SoAb so I can see you more often!!


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