on sunday i wore red lipstick for the first time in  my life.
i loved it!
i was told that i looked like ariel from footloose.
(if any of you have seen it, that's a compliment. cause she's a fox.)
i think i'll be wearing red lipstick more often.
what are your thoughts on red lipstick?

in other news.
i started the clinical portion of my program in valentine's day.
i sure love it. (get it? haha.)
that means no more studying for hours and hours and no more exams..
i'm ecstatic.
so far it's been interesting. we're learning at such a fast pace.
it's kind of stressful and makes me swear a lot.
but i'm trying not to, i promise haha.
my prof is intimidating to some but i really don't think so.
some girls get offended because she's so blunt.
i appreciate honesty. and honestly, she's a pansy compared to my old basketball coach.
i've seen it all haha, you can't phase me anymore.
juice, you know what i'm talking about.

i get to go home on friday :)
for the first time since christmas!
i'm really excited.
i miss my family and my friends and driving in a city where i actually know where i'm going haha.
i'm not one to get  homesick. ever.
but right now it feels like it's time to head home.

i'm kind of discouraged that my love life is in a rut right now.
seriously. so stagnant..
but i just need to be patient i guess. and social.
it's taking me longer than i expected to meet people in this town.
but i'm getting there!
slowly but surely.

soon enough i'll blog about something interesting
but thanks for sticking with me :)
you're all the best.


  1. oh do i ever! i seriously can take criticism like it's my job.
    good times eh. good times.

  2. Its been far too long since I've visited your blog, and I've missed it! I think these types of posts are totally interesting, sometimes I think they're even better than posts that are oober inspirational and stuff. Because what you're saying right here is real. Just real life stuff. :) Are you from utah?

  3. I always want to wear red lipstick but I always wimp out and wipe it off!! I have a tube sitting in my drawer. Maybe I will wear it... someday...


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