i got a letter from elder remington today! 
(about time haha.)

 how happy am i?

this happy :)


  1. Yay yay yay!! I LOVE getting letters from special missionaries ;)

    I have to tell you, Las Vegas missionaries are truly the BEST. This last summer and the summer before, I have had friends interested in the church, and my family has spent the summer having missionary discussions with them at our house. BOth summers ended with my dad baptizing the friends, AND a lifelong friendship with the GREAT elders who we spent so much time with. We love Vegas elders!! They are truly wonderful. My home ward has almost more newly converted youth members than kids who have grown up in the church. Missionary work is going CRAZY in Vegas, at least in my stake! Its amazing.

    Not to mention, the elders get a foot in the door a lot more often in the summertime, when its 115 degrees and they are dripping with sweat. People just can't turn them away from coming in for a glass of water. :D

  2. janes blog led me right to this lovely blog.. and then this caught my eye. :) i like. I have also noticed that missionaries tell girls more interesting stuff then they tell their family.. so if anything crazy happens to him let me know.


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