day six

my (yester)day:

-me and some girls from school put on an oral hygiene presentation for a third grade class. they were freakin' cute. the kids i mean, but my classmates are pretty good lookin' too. uh...

-i spent some quality time with the boyfriend harry. (potter, that is..) i'm rereading the series and i definitely forgot how much i adore it. it's time well wasted people. much like my blog. ha.

-i ate lots of nutella.

sorry to bore you to tears..but that was honestly and truly my day yesterday. why did i pick yesterday to do the "my day" post about? because today was unremarkable, so much so that i can't remember what happened.

well. have a good one.

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  1. i'm re-reading harry potter toooo! loving every second of it. its crazy how much i forgot. goodness i love hp and love that i'm not the only one loving my life re-reading them.


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