day eleven

i vetoed day ten (what i wore day) because i only ever wear scrubs nowadays..

my siblings.

the ginger.
he's smart, sarcastic, and a mini version of me.
he loves judo and basketball and reading.
he's seriously heeelarious.
and very mature for a 12 year old.
i'll keep him around.

the tall, dark and handsome one.
 he's incredibly talented on the guitar and probably one of the funniest people around.
he's 18 and will be getting ready to go on a mish soon..i can't even believe it!
he's a lady killer. so watch out, he'll charm the pants right off ya.

so this video is so old and doesn't have any sound..but sean is just so darn cute.

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  1. at first i was like since when does becky have a little sis? then i was like oh haha im an idiot. youre right hes adorable


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