day four

so..i really don't think anyone really cares what i ate today..but for the lack of anything better to do, i'll tell ya!

  1. two pieces of gum (yeah, i swallow my gum, big whoop)
  2. sidekicks (i jazzed it up with green beans, cheddar cheese, and garlic salt. i guess you could say i'm a homemaker)
  3. a box of chocolate almonds (don't worry, there were only like 17)
  4. rice with broccoli, carrots, ground beef, snap peas with sweet soy sauce (my roomie brigitte is a miracle worker)
  5. four chocolate cookies (also from brigitte..)
i love me some food! 


  1. I ate rolled tacos, soup and gummy bears. You win!

  2. thanks for stopping by! i ate lots of goodies at my parents house tonight. sundays are my food binging days. lovvve it!

  3. Eat more! I think you should at least :)


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