becky through the ages

in honour of me and my twentieth birthday
i put those post together as my gift to you.
celebrate me, with me.

so much sass!

adolescence treated me well.

this one honestly leaves me speechless. and that doesn't happen very often!

i make arizona look gooood

i guess two words that describe my feet are dainty and feminine. 

contrary to popular belief, i did have hair in this photo.

i'm pretty sure i never went through an awkward phase.

 the mother and i at the ripe old age of 12.

i had school spirit apparently.

my father is slouching, i'm definitely not taller than him lol.

just waitin' on the stairs with my long hair and skinny legs on christmas morning.

this photo preeeetty much sums me up at the age of fifteen.

thank you for commemorating me, celebrating me, and falling in love with me. 
i'm pretty great, aren't i?

*note that this post is completely, 100% satirical. duh.


  1. can i say that nathan was a chunk? really?

    and you are a real babe. always. :) happy birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday! Most of my life has been an awkward phase.. I wish I had more pictures to commemorate it.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I enjoyed your comments.
    :) They are all mostly true though.


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