day one

i'm becky.
the tall, freckly, strawberry blonde one.

i'm one giant contradiction.
i love music and silence too.
i like clothes and makeup and hair and rugby and basketball and volleyball.
i'm confident with who i am but sometimes i'm unsure.
i'm friendly and outgoing and social and sometimes an introvert.
i'm not afraid of being alone, yet i'm terrified of being lonely.
i'm pretty much a nerd but i can be pretty cool too.
i'm passionate but indecisive.
i speak my mind too much, but have a hard time standing up for myself.
i'd like to not care what others say about me, but i care very much.
i can be completely comfortable in one situation and cripplingly awkward in another.
i'm an enthusiastic person although i shy away from exclamation you can't tell.

i like:
parks and recreation
30 rock
arrested development
athletic activities
bright colours
vintage things
black and white photographs
my friends and family
laughing till i cry

stick with me kids..this is only the beginning.


  1. loved this. love arrested development.

  2. thank you for finding my blog! I love to have new blog friends! your blog is so adorable, and i'm excited to read it :)

  3. looved this post ma dear.


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