ice-cavin maven

yeah, that title just happened.

dad's hat hair is reaaaal nice


nate has real issues with keeping his eyes open haha.

the most beautiful place in the world

campfire dinners!

my pops

 who knew he was so photogenic?


 did you know that a styrofoam cup only melts down to the water level? i sure didn't.

we actually didn't end up sleeping in our cave..the snow was too tough to make a decent cave for four people. it was fun to spend time with the men in the fam regardless :)


  1. HA! My dad would love to get together with yours! He's a camping guy too!

    I'm LDS! :D
    Come check out my blog. (Please follow it.)

    -aBBi giRL

  2. Hi! THanks for checking out my blog! I just have to say, you and your family are brave, brave souls for roughing the snow. Snow is probably one of the scariest things in the world for me, and I avoid touching it at all if possible! This is probably because I'm from Las Vegas and you're from Canada. But it still blows my mind that people can like that white stuff! Thanks for a look into another perspective! :)


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