a few things

ask me if i want a pair of BCGs. (the answer is a resounding yes. but not for the birth control properties, just cause i like them. just to clarify.)

pretty sure i've expressed how much i love this before..but once more never hurt anyone. right?

have you seen fantastic mr. fox? because it wins at life. what did you think about it?

i'm just lovin' the links today.

awkward picture from my youth?

 my appetite is out of control lately. no complaining from me though, i love me some food.

i thought edmonton wasn't supposed to be windy? or warm?


  1. Oooh I really do love that scarf though!

  2. I'm sure my appetite is always out of control.. I eat like there is no tomorrow!

  3. that "movie title" was hilarious :)
    Thanks for sharing. I love the glasses too!


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