happy marchmas to all, and to all a good night!

odd that alaya and i both referred to christmas in our posts? yes.

merry march everyone! it would appear that the dreary days of winter have come to a close. call me naive, but i am hoping, nay, praying that the snow will not return. i have been wearing flip flops for the past two weeks and i plan on keeping it that way. i am most definitely not a winter person, although this winter has been enjoyable..and by enjoyable i mean it went by really fast. the roads are nice again :) and im not late for work because i have to scrape my windows! im late because i sleep in as much as possible. tommorrow's temperature? a balmy 16.

suck it, winter!

i realized today that i hate my job.

pros of working at paul's:
- he's an amazing boss
-decent hours (8:00 to 5:00..usually)
-sweet perks (dental, staff parties, $100 bonuses, etc)
-working with my mama :) awe..
-good pay
-working with alaya (second reference in one post..nice work.)
-working with other enjoyable staff members
-uniform allowance (a hundred bucks to spend on work-related attire)
-the paycheque (check?) . cha ching.

cons of working at paul's:
-i scrub instruments. all day long. here's how it works: there are three sterilization rooms where clean instruments are stored and dirty instruments are deposited. when the assistants/hygienists have thoroughly soiled the instruments, they drop them off in these rooms where alaya and i, akin to scavenging animals, glean the trays and proceed to scrub each individual instrument with a toothbrush. following this task, the instruments are deposited into an ultrasonic (a noisy little machine filled to the brim with a bacteria-eating fluid which proceeds to vibrate the instruments clean). upon the completion of this cycle, we bag the instruments in sterile bags and they are processed through a statim, a machine which utilizes steam and heat to eradicate the remnants of bacteria. this process is repeated hundreds of times throughout the day.

glamorous, no?

this is a small portion of the menial tasks we are exposed to. the list includes filing charts, pulling charts, stocking various dental stuff, cleaning operatories, and fulfilling a hygienists' every beck and call..also distributing instruments and setting up every tray in the office with the needed supplies. the list goes on and on really.

oh my life.

ps- i spoke too soon..there was frost on my windows this morning.

pps- i need to incorporate pictures in my posts..i also want to buy tanning minutes.


  1. I LOVE the double shout out. It made my day. And come on, work everywhere sucks. So suck it up, and dont leave me!

  2. Also, your blog lies- it says you posted this at 8:34, yesterday...and clearly you didn't. It was posted 20 minutes ago. Cheater.

  3. Bahahhaha.... Becky... you make working as a dental slave sound so glamorous. Remind me why I went back to school? Cause with descriptions like that I cant seem to recall...

  4. melissa..has the boston air tainted your memory of your many hours spent scrubbing instruments and inhaling toxic cavicide fumes? or maybe it was becuase of the


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