kids i hated in elementary school?

cause i figured you were all dying to know.

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1-Patricia. She was the girl in class that would chew on her pencil and then polish it off like it was a chocolate bar or something. remember when you would receive little points or some form of currency for good behavior and the like? we spent ours on little trinkets and toys. what did patricia buy? a giant pencil. yes, my dear friends, she ate the whole thing. i tried it once, eating a pencil eraser i mean, out of curiosity..never again.

2-Tonya. What a character this girl was. She would wear her hair in a ponytail which is fairly normal, nothing you would blink an eye at. the twist is that the bottom part of her head would be shaved bald. over the next few weeks, her bare head would grow increasingly shaggier until it was sheared again. after tonya moved, my mom snitched her lunchbox from the lost and found..i never used it. or admitted to it at least.

3-Ray McKay. The classic teacher's pet. he had an abnormal overabundance of earwax that never failed to creep me out

4-Nolan. He first came to school in grade 7 and had remarkably bad body odor..oh junior high. love it.

my memory is failing me at this moment in time..old age'll do that to ya.

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