what reading week?

last week was reading week. now, this might just be me, but i was under the impression that reading week is intended to be a break, a hiatus, from school and other various responsibilities; a time to rest, rejuvenate, and relax. heres an outline of my various activities over the past week.

monday: went to stirling, hung out with my family. we rented the school gym and had free reign. we played basketball and badminton. jonny climbed on the rock wall, nathan pumped some iron, and i honed my volleyball/three point skills. after, we went to my house and had a fabulous lupper (lunch/supper) of pumpkin waffles, whip cream, strawberries, sausage and eggs. jonny and i returned to lethbridge so we could attend my fhe, of which i am a ma. one of my children showed up..we ended up joining the other families and dining at boston pizze on the church tab. free food :)

tuesday: i had every intention to run today but the weather turned sour. so i stayed in my bed and read 'the hunger games'...soooo good. jonny and i went to see the late showing of 'the wolfman'. i went through a phase in which i was addicted to youtubing movie trailers and, as such, have been anticipating this film for the better part of two months. unfortunately, my expectations were not met. the film itself wasnt disappointing, it was the interpretation of the werewolves that lowered the film's worth. the wolves looked like angry bison stuffed into trousers. (unfortunately i didnt coin that phrase myself, i got it from a review in life & style magazine.)

wednesday: i worked.

thursday: i worked.

friday: i worked. one thing that never fails to amuse me are the radio stations in lethbridge. at work we primarily listen to "today's hits and yesterday's favorites, 1077 the river". this quirky little station has the infuriating habit of playing the same list of songs everyday. twice. they seem to favor some artists more than others, primarily beyonce, taylor swift, and several hit artists from the 80's whose names i am unsure of. chantal kreviazuk (?) and sarah machlachlan get their fair share of air time as well. the top played song on the river? 'if i were a boy' by beyonce. i hated the song the first time i heard it. now that i'm verging on the 347th listening, i've relapsed into a state of apathy. i dont even care to turn off the radio when the song begins anymore. i've developed the ability to tune out most songs (namely that one). they now pelt my subconscious with their subliminal messaging. nothing like second guessing my sexuality with beyonce two to four times a day.
today i paid my rugby fees! im going to play club rugby in the spring, i can hardly wait :)

saturday: caught some basketball games going on at the college, the kodiaks vs red deer college's kings and queens. my fried katlyn plays for rdc, it was great to see her again! i miss my high school friends. also i miss basketball..everyday i wish i would have played post secondary :( i talked to my old coach yesterday and he was adamant that i could have made any team and held my own. :( no use wishing for something that didnt happen though..right?
we saw 'shutter island', another film i've been anticipating for the last three months. after two and half hours of sitting in the second row, (it was opening night) we stumbled, with confused and boggled minds, from the theatre. it was an all right movie. they threw you for some pretty crazy twists. it wasnt quite as scary as the trailers suggest. unnerving is a more appropriate word. it was kind of sketchy for me because mental illnesses and 'crazy' people terrify me. the fact that someone's mind isn't functioning properly scares me, as well as the fact that they are unpredictable. scary.

sunday: caught some church, got a temple recommend, cooked some food, watched some office, played some karaoke. overall not a bad day. oh man i almost forgot! JKL (jenny katie and lindsay) live in an apartment complex on the west side on the sixth floor. they all locked their keys inside and recruited jonny to scale the balconies so he could get into their apartment and open it. he loves to climb..he free climbed the face of bear's hump several times this summer. luckily he didnt have to climb from the ground up although im sure thats what he wanted to do. we used their neighbours balcony. he hopped onto the roof, over the overhang and onto their balcony. i almost died, i was so scared. can you imagine if he woulda fell? but he's okay, just like i knew he would be. haha oh man, what an night.

overall, my week as alright. sometimes holidays dont end up as being relaxing. but here i am on the cusp of a new week! i should be studying. real life, here i come.


  1. Full Week....Sorry you worked. But then again, i'm not so sorry. I miss you sometimes(all the time). Also, nice use of the word 'cusp' I approve.

  2. thank you my friend. i wrote that with you in mind.


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