second post?

two posts in one day? sure. i have lots to say i guess.

things that i have neglected to mention:

1. our fabulous trip to waterton!

we fed deer five gum. no, they did not chew it, just swallowed. laya i know what youre thinking..resist.

Quote of the day:
Jonny: they look like giant deer.
Becky: they ARE giant deer..
Jonny: i mean bunnies.

we played on the plateau by prince of wales.
photogenic, no?

we climbed stairs at prince of wales and looked at the mountains and the parking lot.

we snuck into the prince of wales! every winter they leave one door open and we happened to find it. we ventured inside and this is what we found! i was creeped out for two reasons:
1. i watched the shining not too long ago
2. i am a major wimp when it comes to supernatural stuff and other things..that needs to change.

2. jonny sent in his mission papers on the 7th and should be recieving his call in the next two weeks :) im so excited for him! its gonna be sad when he's gone cause he's my best friend but im so excited for him to have all those incredible spiritual experiences! he also quit at wendy's, thank goodness. he's now working at southland trailers (where daddy works). jon's installing flooring in stock trailers and flat decks. what an improvement hey? the only catch is that he works from 6 am to two thirty in the afternoon..keeps our curfew pretty mellow.

i lucked out a little bit :)

3. i got accepted to the Texas State Technical College Dental Hygiene program. i found out last night and burst into tears..last night was kinda dramatic lol. i was freakin out a lil bit because entrance into this program is super competitive but i made it :)

today we hung out in the river bottom. we played on a huge stone arrangement of a rattlesnake complete with a spinning rattler. we also convinced five year old that we were married and i was expecting a child. you know the thing used in architecture to make a structure stronger? like triangles used in bridges? jonny and i climbed the first one of those on the train bridge today, again reinforcing my major wimpness. we crashed an event going on at the westside chapel..still not sure what was going on. jonny tried to coach me whike playing call of duty. though i had to remind him several times to be patient with me, i learned well and actually had a little bit of fun..for like ten minutes. we checked out a house on the westside. im kinda feeling like a move would be a good thing right now..the house was way cute too. there's a lot of factors that hinder this opportunity though..i'll keep you posted. we watched the stars..or rather the clouds. it was a beautiful night though!

and now, here i am..good night world


  1. Man, Jonny is so photogenic. I maintain, you should went up to the tower and told ghost stories in the stair well.

  2. i was waiting to share that experience with you.


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