"i hoped and they called me on a mission.."

my jonny got his call :) nevada las vegas! woohoo! the same mission that my dad served in. fun fact? jonny's uncle jon (lol) was my dad's zone leader. crazy hey?

i'm so happy for him..i've never been present when someone was opening their call and i was a bundle of nerves! and may or may not have cried when he read it haha. its all so real now! he doesnt leave till august 25, but i have a feeling that the time is gonna go by real, real fast. i'm not ready for that yet :(

i'm so proud of my missionary!

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  1. this post reminded me so much of day i was there when brian opened his call. its so exciting, huh? i remember being so nervous; i acted more nervous than he did!
    its a special time though, becky. i wouldn't trade anything for the time i got to spend with brian prior to when he left on his mission. it was absolutely golden.
    we should be friends again.
    love you, dear.


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