control yourself

just found this and figured i would share. good good song.

to do list:

1. finish english research argumentative essay on capital punishment. (fun fact! it costs more money to try, convict and execute a criminal than it does to keep him/her in jail for the rest of their lives.)

2. study for microbio exam tomorrow! also make flashcards.

3. fold laundry. and make bed.

4. bring laya that book i told her i would bring on tuesday..sorry bout that by the way

5. find a chemistry course to take over the summer! because i got into the harlingen program i need to take a college level chemistry. i'm exhausting all of my options..the college doesnt offer the proper course and the university offers like one..becky might be heading to texas sooner than anticipated!

6. fill out acceptance papers, loan forms, blah blah blah

7. finish my book, fire by kristin so good! also: the third book in the hunger games series comes out on august counting the days

ps-new favorite artist? yeasayer. check out ambling alp and ONE.

pps- best office episode ever!


  1. Thats right you bring me that book! Also, that Ukalele Chick-Amazing.

  2. haha its such a good cover hey? i appreciated it. adam subscribed to her channel and i followed suit lol.


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