i hate the point when you realize that things really arent going to work out and that they need to end. i hate the "let's still be friends" because it never works out. i hate that we cant be together, even though we both want to. i hate not being able to listen to my favorite songs without thinking about you. i hate waiting by my phone, expecting a text that never comes. i hate not knowing when i'll see you again. i hate when something funny happens that i know you'll appreciate, going to text you..and realizing that i cant. i hate that everything i do reminds me of you..that every thought i have revolves around the one person i cant have. i hate that things cant work out right now, even if we've really tried. i hate knowing that my very best friend will no longer be a part of me and my life..that i'm left alone.
and i especially hate that you feel the same way.


  1. This was an exceptional post. I could feel this. And although i dont know how to properly express emotion, im sorry. But on another plane of existence- pft, you'll get over it. And i mean that. From the least sarcstic part of my dead heart.

  2. I really just want to repeat what Alaya just wrote (even tho I dont know her hehe)

    I definitely know EXACTLY what your feeling Becky. You worded everything perfectly, and I've been there too. Your not alone on this one hun. Trust me, its one of the worst things you'll feel. But also believe me when I say that the hurting will pass. You just have to find something else to focus on.

    Let's get together soon and we can catch up :) I think we both need a hug.


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