hell's kitchen?

in an effort to minimize my expenditures, i have taken to eating breakfast at home, packing lunches and preparing suppertime meals. while preparing my simple meal of chicken breast, green beans, and rice, the following events occurred:

i proceeded to defrost the frozen chicken breast and cook it in a pan. the amount of oil i rationed soon ran out but my chicken continued to merrily sizzle and spit. as i boiled the green beans, the fire alarm starts ringing. apparently my chicken breast began to burn.

how the hell do you turn off a fire alarm?

i raced around my hallways tracking down the alarm while digressing into hysterics. (ps those things are loud. the fire alarm i mean, not my hysterics.) i stared at it for a while, just trying to figure out how to turn it off. i jumped at it and hit it with my finger a couple of times but that didnt do too much. i grabbed a chair from the kitchen, still laughing about the hilarity of this situation. the upper floor of my house still reeks of burning teflon.

how does one all of a sudden suck at cooking? cause its happened to me.

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