so i swalled a bug while longboarding.

one of the countless glorious things that can happen when engaging in said activity. i love it (longboarding, not swallowing the bug) for several reasons:

a) its kind of peaceful when its just you, your board, and your ipod. (and justin bieber, in my case). its a time to think and to clear your mind and mull things over.

b) its one of those activities thats just difficult enough to engage your body so you feel like youre working your muscles without really having to do anything.

c) i learn not to take myself too seriously when longboarding cause im really not that good. the ability to laugh at yourself when you do something wrong and make a fool of yourself is a vital one, albeit difficult to develop..boarding helps with that slow developmental process.

d) when i longboard it feels like im snowboarding. ive never done the i feel cool when i pretend that im carving. i like to think i'd be okay at it.

longboarding is a people magnet. have you ever noticed that? guaranteed nine out of ten cars that drove past me stared me down the whole time..people are drawn to a longboarder. they probably automatically assume youre really, really cool. dont believe me? the next time you see a longboarder, check your reaction. are you checking them out? gotcha.

one peeve that i have about boarding is the infallibility of my clumsiness when others are around. when its just me, i carve like a pro and rarely lose my balance. as soon as someone rounds the corner, its like his or her presence throws off the delicate balance i have managed to so delicately maintain. and i fall. everytime. lets hope i grow out of this stage asap.

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  1. I'm so glad you love that song! A day to remember is amazing. And I think you're probably one of my favorite people now too, because I love longboarding. My very first longboard just arrived on my doorstep two days ago. I'm so excited to take it down some actual trails, instead of just my neighborhood :) I love the peaceful, flying feeling haha.


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