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so this friday was definitely the 'land before time' marathon..all in all there was a decent turnout, although im sure the people showed up solely for the two giant bags of dino-sours and not the competition. jonny and i stayed for about the first five movies before we got bored, seriously second guessed our involvement in the marathon and peaced. it was kinda fun though, definitely brought back tons of memories. and the movies werent even that bad! yeah, they were dumb but overall they were entertaining..obviously not entertaining enough to watch all thirteen though. the winner cleaned up with $90, which isnt too bad for putting up with 15 hours of childish sub plots and frequent musical numbers.

this weekend interesting one. highlights?

1. leaving the 'LBT' marathon..dodged a serious bullet with that one man.

2. mailing off my dental hygiene applications! i finally shipped 'em off to texas state technical college in harlingen. express post to texas costs a pretty penny, for all those who are considering to do so. but they should be there by the end of the week and i'll know if i'm accepted by the end of march! so exciting :)

3. getting a new fridge. the last one would stay cold for a week, then heat up to room temperature and all my food would go bad :( so i called the landlord on monday and voila! on saturday we have a brand spankin' new-to-us fridge! hopefully my milk wont go bad after three days in this one.

you know when you just feel lonely when you dont really have a reason to? thats kinda how i feel. i have an amazing bf and lots of friends, but sometimes it feels like nobody really cares too much, kinda like nobody really wants to hear or wants to care about what i have to say. i know that i have so many people who are on team becky and cheering me on and ready to support me, but sometimes i feel like i dont have anybody to tell my feelings to (except jonny. he's pretty amazing and puts up with me haha). maybe i just miss having girl talk with my high school friends? i dont know, but i know that i dont like feeling this way :(

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  1. Becky. You are the And I know the feeling... But at least its passes?


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