thats what she said.

my new addictions? the office season two and glee. i'm new at the whole "the office" thing. i watched an occasional episode now and then but this is my first exposure to an entire season. michael scott's 'thats what she said' jokes make my life, simply because im addicted to those jokes too haha.

we've only known each other for a short time, but im pretty sure jim and i are soul mates. dont get me wrong, i love pam..but jim needs to be with me. i dont think he's realized this yet, but he will. i had a dream about him last night haha. i was a college student and he was a prof and we had a secret teacher-student love affair. yes, i did make out with jim from the office.. :) sure, it was a little weird that he was forty years old, double my young age of the end of the dream he had stopped pursuing the development of our relationship because of this. sad, sad day. dont you ever wish that dreams could be real life?

if things dont work out with jim, i'd be completely satisfied with will schuester.

jonny bet that i couldnt not swear for a month and i challenged him on that assumption. cause we all know what assuming makes you, right? if i went the whole month without swearing, jon owed me dinner at a restuarant of my choice and a back rub. if i did swear, the roles were reversed.

on the thirtieth of january, jonny and i dined at earls. i've yet to claim my backrub.

what have i learned from that experience? that i'm tempted to swear a lot. especially if the game of basketball is involved hahaha. because i accomplished that challenge, i decided to go without facebook for a week, just because i can. i'm on day 4 and its a lot harder than i anticipated; i have nothing to do on the computer any more, i've barely been on here all week haha.

this weekend is alaya's prestigious "land before time" marathon. all 13 movies plus a sing along, with a money prize for whoever suffers through it without falling asleep. oh yeah. it starts friday at eight and goes till about four on saturday, the night of my friend's nineteenth birthday celebration. this is gonna be sweet, especially cause im an angel when i get zero sleep..i feel bad for everyone who has to put up with me, especially jonny. he's been pretty good about my grouchiness before, so i know he can handle it. what a keeper!

peace out homies, im pretty sure imma be late for class..ah well.

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