sweat pants, hair tied, chillin wit no makeup on

today, being the day before the last day of classes before reading week, was unimpressive as a whole. i ravaged every possible store in lethbridge searching for the perfect dressy-yet-casual dress to wear to the sweethearts dance tomorrow night, only to end up with a pair of cheap yoga pants and two cartons of ice cream. sigh.

in recognition of my unwillingness to do anything school related, i've gone without makeup for the last two days.

my hair decided to be extra big and frizzy to compensate for the lack of facial enhancements.

i definitely rsvp'd to the 'no-makeup november' event on facebook because i thought it was a neat idea. if guys can go without shaving for a month, why cant we go without makeup for a month? total number of days gone without makeup? zero. i chickened out hardcore. not that i even wear that much makeup to begin with, so it wouldnt even have been that hard. i had a friend go the whole month without it..i respect her so much. that shows so much confidence in herself. it seemed like she was aloof, impervious to to society and the so-called 'faux pas' that have been established for us.

ive gone without makeup before and have always noted the rush that it gives me. okay, rush is the wrong word. its not exactly exhilerating walking around with a naked face, baring all for the world to see. its almost an empowering feeling. its refreshing to be able to walk around and think 'yeah world, suck it! i'm not wearing any makeup and it feels great. sorry all of you cakey-faced girls with clumpy eye lashes, youre definitely missing out.' and its always kinda flattering when you catch a guy checking you out (your face i mean) when youre au naturel :)

so here goes, my faithful blog followers. i cant promise that im gonna go every single day without makeup from now on (i mean valentines is tomorrow..and by tomorrow i mean sunday), but im going to make a point of going without make up more often. i dont need any of that to feel good about myself. everyone is beautiful as they are and they need to realize it, not depend on primers and foundations and cover ups to reveal it!

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