its not always rainbows and butterflies

shout out to all maroon 5 fanatics, holla!


recap this week:

tuesday night i played my first intramurals basketball game. my team name? yao jason. you know, like yao ming? yeah, didnt get it the first time either. theres only three other girls on my team, which can only mean one thing: there is an over abundance of testosterone on the court at any given moment in time. Its interesting how men are unable to have a chill, for-fun game of basketball. i think they always feel the need to prove their manlihood..maybe they need to compensate for something?

i think all men secretly believe that they're basketball stars and therefore don't have to adhere to the "no 'i' in team" theory..or the "work the ball around the court before jacking up a shot" one. i had to make a stand against this. i may or may not have fouled every man that drove into the key.

they can handle it, right?

my summary of the night:

number of outrageous layups that had no chance of being made: 337
humber of times a girl was open on the wing: 337
number of passes made to the girl: 6
playing coed intramurals: priceless.

the other night jonny and i got together with kels and her friend riley to play star wars monopoly. from that experience i've learned a thing or two:

first: i am not very good at estimating the value of an investment. i mean i've kinda known that about myself already, but this experience reinforced it. this being said, i can determine if the price of, say, a pair of jeans is appropriate or not. obviously im not much of a math/finances person once im out of my element. example: when im grocery shopping and i see a bundle of asparagus for $3.29, im not capable of determining if thats expensive or i buy it anyways. back to the game. my strategy is basically to buy whatever my little heart desires, which is my philsophy in life anyways, dont tell mom! haha joking. but seriously. good thing i have friends like kelsey to tell me when im making a bad investment and who's willing to team up with me so we wouldnt get taken out by mr. monopoly himself, riley.

despite what jonny says about his skills at this game he was the first out. hmmm.

second: that game goes on for far, faaaaaar too long.

i've been looking into texas state technical college for school next year and it sounds pretty promising! i wrote the TEAS exam today and did surprisingly well, considering my lack of preparation and the completion of the exam in less than half the allotted time. not bad at all.

jonny and i rented the first season of the office which i am currently watching. the basketball episode to be exact.

quote of the day: "who am i: michael scott? i might just be a basketball star."

as good as this day has been, it is tinged with melancholy notes of destruction and denim: my silver jeans ripped in an irrepreable place. RIP miracle jeans :(

lol. no pun intended.

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  1. I really enjoy the fact you are bad at math. It makes you endearing. 'How many charts would you say are in here? ....1000? that too many... not enough...?' 'There are 85000 Charts, give or take a couple hundred.'


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