well, here goes

so this is my first post in a thought process is this: maybe if i started blogging again it would motivate me to write in my journal, which has also suffered since i have moved out.

thats right folks, i've moved out. welcome to the real world, becky sparks.

i've had my ups and downs, thats for sure! things are smooth sailing right now :)

over the last little while some things have changed in my life:

1. the boyfriend and i are no more. you know when you get to the point in a relationship when things are too serious? when you feel kinda trapped and all this pressure to stay with the person when youre definitely not ready for that kind of commitment? yep. He was a lot more serious about me than i was about our standards weren't necessarily all. the break up was so hard at the time. then one morning i woke up and realized that i didn't care about the drama anymore..its the best feeling when you wake up and realize that youre so over him :)

2. i have a new boyfriend :) he's fantastic. he treats me like a princess haha, im so so spoiled! when we first met we became insta-friends and spent all of our time together..things havent changed much. i really love to be with him, he's funny and athletic and super super thoughtful. example: the other day i was heading to school and forgot my backpack at my place, so i called him and asked him to drop it off at the college. later that day, after getting my bag, i look in the pocket and saw my ipod and earphones..they weren't there before. so obviously jonny thought to put them in there for me..without my asking. so so sweet :)

3. thirdly..i love basketball again. last season was the most challenging thing i've encountered thus far, it kinda made me question my love for the game. it was the best of times. it was the worst of times. to quote mister dickens. i didn't touch a basketball till three weeks ago..a bunch of friends got together to scrim and i realized how much i missed im in a bball class at school and coaching and playing on an intramural team..i love it so much.

thats just a few things that are new..i promise to keep y'all updated. cause i'm sure there are SO many people reading this lol. its kinda therapeutic in a way.



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