ah summer. how i love thee. it has been decided that i need to live in a place of perpetual summer, a place where i can play and soak up the sun (with proper spf, of course) all day long. two such places?


fresh off the plane from the great white north. (note the cute little plane..cuter and littler in real life.)

touristy? yes. lets be honest..who doesn't love a palm tree?

arizona has THE best shopping..can you say outlets?

ginger skin + tanning lotion x prolonged sun exposure= sunburn. (this picture doesn't do it justice..)

this one does. sunburn smiley face, everyone.

things i love about arizona:

1. the heat. it felt like thousands of blow dryers were blowing on you all the time..perfect. it got up to 115 one of the days we were there!

2. the desert. i think its so beautiful! and so different from alberta.

3. the cleanliness! i couldnt believe how clean phoenix and mesa were.

4. the little ninos! mexican children are adorable! especially the one i saw in a leash in the mall. where can i get a nino on a leash?

other pleasing sights include actual mall cops on actual segways giving each other high fives and 5 inch monster bugs crawling on amy's feet..God bless America.

and echo:

lakeside cabin? yes please.

dont worry folks, just friends.

east glacier.

oh just some pretty sweet lookin' clouds.

as fun as this trip was, it didnt go by without regrets:

mistake #1: stopping in browning for a potty break. i wasn't aware that this gem of a town was on a reserve, although i should have clued in when everyone stared at me as i walked to and from the gas station. i'm pretty sure i was the only white person not safely secured in a vehicle within an eighteen mile radius..that was probably the quickest stop i have ever made.

mistake #2: forgoing the sun protectant for the first three days of the trip. my nose became exceedingly red and burnt, therefore emphasizing the largeness thereof..blast.

mistake #3: going to the lake in the first place..because now i never want to leave :(

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