what to blog about?

things i'm amazed by lately:

-the speed at which my room goes from dirty to clean to dirty again..its pretty remarkable.

-how quickly laundry piles up and groceries disappear.

-my new chi.

-the weather..i kind of like it. i really love thunderstorms :) and when we do have nice weather we appreciate it that much more.

-how easy it is to confuse love and hate.

-my lack of anything good to blog about..

-jared padalecki. also ashton kutcher and bradley cooper's body. mmmm.

-how "decipher reflections" by playradioplay tugs at my heart strings :(

-the rate at which my freckles are multiplying.

-how fast hygiene school is coming! three months!

-how quickly i recovered my social skills..i'm now not suffering from complete social retardation. just partial.

-at the overall lameness of this post. sigh.

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