a single word

a person cannot be described in a single word; a single word fails to capture all that is encompassed within.
a single word fails to illuminate the most glorious and unique aspects of one's character.
a single word is incapable of capturing the beauty, the majesty, the depth of one's soul.
it is incapable of measuring one's abilities: to love, to overcome, to forgive, to forget, to remember.
a single word fails to bring to light the deepest, darkest secrets hidden amidst the cobwebs of the shadowy, forgotten corner we all possess.
a single word neglects the desires, dreams, and yearnings that burn and thrive within.
the confidences, the fears, the strengths, the weaknesses, the insecurities, are overlooked and neglected by a single word, left forlorn and forgotten and swept to the wayside.
the anguished tears shed during a moment of personal strife are wasted; the cautious and hopeful smiles in moments of triumph are not accounted for.
a single word is too definitive, too restricting, to capture the countless facets of human character.

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