room tour?

in an attempt to overcome my lame/not creative self, i hit up the local value village to scout out some cute things to decorate my lamesauce room..and this is what i found!

suuuuper cheap.

cute lil mirror.

everyone should probably be jealous of my shiny snake belt

oh this old thing? every piece is second hand. (yeah, i had fun arranging the outfit lol.)

i've had this photo for a while..its my favorite picture of all time! i've just been on the lookout for a decent frame to put it in..anybody have any creative (not in a picture frame) ideas to display this?

i found this lamp laying around my house and adopted it

oh, hello marilyn

my cute lil bird! not purchased from VV.

i'm currently living in sean's old bedroom (my 12 year old bro)..check out this piece of artwork that i found on the door frame.

haha. so cute.


  1. i never knew you were so thrifty sparkles!


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