fun things i've done this month:

petted a pig.

watch a goat eat someone's belt while they were still wearing it.

got a sweet ace face painting.

went horseback riding.

moved home.

went on my first run in like a bajillion years.

got a tan. or more freckles.

learned to wakeboard.

rode jetskiis.

tried to pick up boys.

failed to pick up boys.

hung out with my best friend's little sister and loved every minute.

painted my toenails.

cooked crawdads. (fact: they do not scream.)

camped in a walmart parking lot.

sent off my first missionary.

saw a man wearing mascara.


spent another week at echo lake :)

laughed and laughed until i cried.

figured out my life.

ate out for every meal..three days straight.

ate ribs for 3 consecutive suppers.


hot tubbed.

hiked the shortest hike of my life.

read lots and lots of books.

saw my breath. (cause its suckin cold!)

walked my dogs.

bought my first piece of artwork.

blow-dried my hair four times. the whole month of august.

got a job at chopstix. haha.

mailed off my application for assisting school.

renewed my library card.

ate cheesecake pancakes.

watched a movie in which shaq plays a genie.

made a frickin sweet playlist.

i guess this summer didnt turn out too badly, did it?

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